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*Poetry Corner- What Kind of Words?

Note: This poem may still be edited. I just wanted to get it out and posted for people to see quickly, so I might change it around a little, though the meaning will remain the same. 🙂
(If edited, edit poem on computer.)
What kind of words can capture your soul?
What could I say to capture your soul
Inside the picture, that frozen instance,
Flash in time,
A freeze-frame in the camera of God?

The world is defensive, by habit-
Why should it be otherwise?
This world is cruel by habit
How could it ever be otherwise?

What kind of words can capture your soul?
Got only a few seconds to snap the photo right-
Right wherever you are,
Right wherever you are
At the time
What kind of words can save you
And your beautiful image
In the camera of God?
What kind of meaning could I instill in your life,
In your mind
Of the world, of this life
That is condemned by nature
What kind of words?
What kind of meaning?
How can you thrive timelessly,
Caught in a mere instance of beauty,
Caught in a beautiful, risky, instance

What kind of thoughts could I pass on to you?
How can I convince you to stay
And not hide from the camera?
Reviewing every photo within every photo album,
If you are not found, then you’re bound to be
Lost forever
No evidence you ever were really with him-
Maybe a memory in his head,
But don’t these memories fade?
Fade endlessly faster than photographs

Open up the gates of heaven,
For all who managed to be caught
In that instance in time,
In the picture

I fear that memories will form and fade
And wish like hell that they could only stay
And last forever, forever more,
But where were they?
In forgetful minds?
God holds tight to the proof of people,
Memories seem lovely, for the time being,
But maybe God grows old and gets Alzheimer’s, too-
Who’s to say you were there?
Your spirit is not captured within the photo-
Within his photographs

What kind of words?
What kind of truths?
What could I say?
The world laughs at our ways,
Taking pictures, always wanting to take pictures,
While they busy themselves with
Things that they believe matter
So what could I do?

What kind of marvelous words?
What kind of blissful truths?
What kind can cause you to be caught
In a sheer instance,
To live forever in the photo albums,
In God’s photo albums?

Basic Christian Info.

This is just basic background info about Christianity, and what I think it is all about.

Christianity to me is about following Christ. I guess there are really tons of different definitions of it, and a lot of denominations within it, and a lot of denominations that seem close to it. To me, none of these different classes are the most important part of the religion. Christianity is meant to be about realizing that Jesus Christ came to the world, not to judge it and send us all to hell, for none of us are perfect, but to pay for all of our sins by being our sacrifice by dying on the cross. He set an example of how we should be while he was living on earth for 33 years, and then he finally was murdered on a cross and was successful in saving us all. Since he was perfect through his entire life and did not sin, he was capable of saving all of us. Because everyone else in the world cannot manage to never sin as he did, we were and are not capable of rescuing our own selves from what we all deserve for the sins we commit, hell, and that truly is all we deserve, but God has mercy on us. So now if we truly have him in our heart before we die, when we are judged by God, we can make it to heaven, but most people don’t realize that you cannot ever have a possibility of getting into heaven with knowing Jesus, because he is the only way to reach the Father, and he is the pathway from earth to heaven; without Jesus, there is no pathway. So we are incredibly fortunate, even in an overly broken world.

I say all this to get to the point that in order to know Jesus, you have to confess in your heart that you are a sinner and that Jesus died on a cross and rose from the grave so that we may be saved, and you have to make him Lord of your life, and you really have to submit to him. It is important to realize that he is sovereign and above all, and that he can see all we cannot see and do all we cannot do, and know all we are incapable of fully knowing. It’s important to know he is full of love, grace, and compassion, but he is also outrageous and does not put up with crap. Truly, he does, because he seeks our hearts day after day, and we are not good and are only inclined to sin and have been enemies of God since we were in our mother’s womb, and putting up with us is really the hardest thing ever to do, but he does not put up with people putting others before him who are not perfect and are not truly the one and only God, and he despises all these idles, and he hates that we sin, because it is so bad for us, though he does not hate us, and he hates when people do not remain faithful to him, because clearly he is the best thing that could ever happen to any of us, by far, and he has always remained faithful to us, even as we as a whole fall farther and farther away from him. How do we know this? Because he chases after us all the time and he is never not at work seeking our hearts, even though we never realize that he works so hard to get us to him. It’s important to know that we, as his people, us Christians, are his plan A to reach and change the world, and there is no plan B. That tells us that we have such an incredible responsibility handed to us, and we cannot change that, and it also tells us that since the world does not know God and treats him worse than anything else in the world, his people are definitely screwing everything up, though truthfully, it is not easy to change a world so volatile and that so often scoffs at the name of God. But there are few individuals, like myself, who dedicate themselves to changing this crappy statistic we have, and this god awful reputation we have really EARNED for ourselves.

To my next point: In order to know Jesus, you have to have an actual change in your heart, and it is when you, in your own heart, put your full trust in him and what he does, and you allow him to lead you wherever he needs you to go; it is really about giving up complete control and giving it all to him, for he is able to move and make a difference when he leads. After all, he is the perfect one, not us. You can’t just pray a prayer or say words, because empty words do not save you. Faith that is true and genuine, like the sun in the sky, like the air we breathe, is what allows us to really call out to him and draws him into us so he can answer us. He doesn’t just listen for people who say words, for he judges the heart, and not the exterior, as the world does. He’s a sweetheart, when you really know him, even if he does things or says things you don’t want to hear, because he is always looking out for our very best interest, and our very best interest is always him, so listen to him!
Christians in today’s world are full of crap. They are hypocrites, liars, and sin; even if they try to disguise that by claiming they know the Lord (putting lipstick on a pig does not make it not a pig :)). I’m sure that most Christians don’t know God like they should know him, and this is why we get nowhere. It’s hard to know how you’re supposed to know him because the world is stupid and gets so lost so easily without him. When you say screw him, as many people do, and you don’t let him lead your life anymore, he will always want you to put him first and will still reach out for you, but he will not beg you because he has a breaking point, just as everyone else does. He’s not some alien who doesn’t understand or can relate to our world- why would we go to him if he really didn’t understand us? Why would he be able to capture certain individuals’ hearts they way he can? So he breaks, but if you ask for forgiveness, remember he is always a forgiving God, and he can take care of all sorts of sins. Did he not pay for them all? He forgives, but even with forgiveness, you must realize you need to try to get back on the right track and to not keep doing the thing you have to ask for forgiveness for. People never work nearly as hard as God does, and really, in comparison, we sleep all our lives while he is wide awake running around the world trying to get people to him.

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One more point. God is genuine, and he has a heart, just like everyone else. If you laugh at his ways or scoff him or get really angry at him, he feels that. He feels it when we turn away from him and when we refuse to listen to him. He knows it when we’re sad and broken, and he is always capable of healing us. He is astounding and incredibly bizarre, but he does have feelings that are tender and true and he is sensitive to all that we do, and all that we say. He gets angry when he is ignored and disobeyed, and gets tired of dealing with a world that refuses to turn to him. He is hurt when people die and don’t know him, and that’s basically the entire frickin’ planet. Ugh. We’ve got A LOT of changing to do. So that’s what I’m here for; to tell this tell of God and Jesus Christ, because really, Christianity is his story, and everything in it is his story, and he is the only hero in this (true!) tale. I’m here to attempt to change lives and to tell the world about him. And even as I go through really difficult times, I know and am conditioned to never ever turn from him, no matter how much pain I go through and no matter how difficult it is, because he is always there for me, and wants me to be there for him, and so really, who am I not to listen? I’m only here to lead people in the right direction, and not to be counterproductive. Thank you. 🙂

Calling All Christians. Yikes.

Well, I guess this will be some christian type blog, because I’ve been longing to make one. It’s to attempt to make clearer how christians should really act, and destroy all their poor views and bad attitudes about the subject. It is to have a place where christians can visit and improve themselves spiritually, and enjoy themselves. It’s not meant to be boring and “churchy” sounding, and it will make sense because I will say it in a language that people can actually understand, and grow from. It’s hard to grow from something that’s hard to apply, and things are hard to apply because sometimes, they are hard to understand. So I’m going to attempt to help these lost people out. And maybe convert some nonbelievers. I guess we’ll see. I’m so pysched!

Just remember, I am A-typical, and not ordinary in the least. Enjoy! 🙂