Calling All Christians. Yikes.

Well, I guess this will be some christian type blog, because I’ve been longing to make one. It’s to attempt to make clearer how christians should really act, and destroy all their poor views and bad attitudes about the subject. It is to have a place where christians can visit and improve themselves spiritually, and enjoy themselves. It’s not meant to be boring and “churchy” sounding, and it will make sense because I will say it in a language that people can actually understand, and grow from. It’s hard to grow from something that’s hard to apply, and things are hard to apply because sometimes, they are hard to understand. So I’m going to attempt to help these lost people out. And maybe convert some nonbelievers. I guess we’ll see. I’m so pysched!

Just remember, I am A-typical, and not ordinary in the least. Enjoy! 🙂

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