*Poetry Corner- What Kind of Words?

Note: This poem may still be edited. I just wanted to get it out and posted for people to see quickly, so I might change it around a little, though the meaning will remain the same. 🙂
(If edited, edit poem on computer.)
What kind of words can capture your soul?
What could I say to capture your soul
Inside the picture, that frozen instance,
Flash in time,
A freeze-frame in the camera of God?

The world is defensive, by habit-
Why should it be otherwise?
This world is cruel by habit
How could it ever be otherwise?

What kind of words can capture your soul?
Got only a few seconds to snap the photo right-
Right wherever you are,
Right wherever you are
At the time
What kind of words can save you
And your beautiful image
In the camera of God?
What kind of meaning could I instill in your life,
In your mind
Of the world, of this life
That is condemned by nature
What kind of words?
What kind of meaning?
How can you thrive timelessly,
Caught in a mere instance of beauty,
Caught in a beautiful, risky, instance

What kind of thoughts could I pass on to you?
How can I convince you to stay
And not hide from the camera?
Reviewing every photo within every photo album,
If you are not found, then you’re bound to be
Lost forever
No evidence you ever were really with him-
Maybe a memory in his head,
But don’t these memories fade?
Fade endlessly faster than photographs

Open up the gates of heaven,
For all who managed to be caught
In that instance in time,
In the picture

I fear that memories will form and fade
And wish like hell that they could only stay
And last forever, forever more,
But where were they?
In forgetful minds?
God holds tight to the proof of people,
Memories seem lovely, for the time being,
But maybe God grows old and gets Alzheimer’s, too-
Who’s to say you were there?
Your spirit is not captured within the photo-
Within his photographs

What kind of words?
What kind of truths?
What could I say?
The world laughs at our ways,
Taking pictures, always wanting to take pictures,
While they busy themselves with
Things that they believe matter
So what could I do?

What kind of marvelous words?
What kind of blissful truths?
What kind can cause you to be caught
In a sheer instance,
To live forever in the photo albums,
In God’s photo albums?

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