Jesus Info 101- Knowing Jesus, Growing through him

To really know Jesus and become a Christian, and I’m hoping not one of those boring ones, who are raging hypocrites, and who lie, and are totally fake, you have to really know Jesus Christ, meaning, you need a relationship with him.
Now, what is a relationship? Is it not often a bond between two people, where they can communicate ideas and feelings and thoughts? Well, that’s what I believe a good relationship is, and he wants great relationships with us. Little do people know, it takes more than a prayer, or just changing the way you act to become a Christian; there has to be an actual change in your heart. You have to learn to trust Jesus, and know that he is perfect, and that he is Lord of all, and that he saved us, the entire world, from ourselves by dying on the cross for us.
Many people know about Jesus, but they have to realize that to them, he needs to be as real as the air they breathe, and as the sunshine in the sky; he needs to be this real to them. When we realize that we need him and are dependent on him, and we totally believe in our hearts that he saved us, and that he is supposed to lead us, we can finally truly gain a relationship with him. He loves us, and if he really knows what’s best for us, why would we have to worry?

No one said being a Christian is easy, and often times, it may not be. But who really cares? If we are truly totally free with him, and we feel free, difficult times are sometimes not as difficult, because he makes our hearts stronger. He leads us, and he may test us, so that our faith may be proven as true or as breakable, and not strong enough. We need to be strong in this world that pretty much hates us all. Not that we haven’t deserved the hate, but we’ve got to really change so that we can really change the world. Boring Christians that don’t try to make a difference probably don’t know God like they should, and I am radical and extreme, and always trying to improve in whatever I do; that’s just who I am. Christians are supposed to be radical and extreme, which is shocking, because people think that we are not. And as a whole, we totally suck. But if we can change and learn to really know Jesus and to trust him, we can be much better off, and hold our heads high even in a world that is cruel and cold and ruthless.
Hardcore, solid faith allows us to really trust him, and to cling to him with a lot of hope. Weak hope is destructive, and not good for us. The closer we are to him, the more we realize he’s not a total pansy and that he is really quite extreme and awesome. And who doesn’t want to be like that?! That would be great- to be totally extreme and awesome! What Christians believe and what the world thinks of those beliefs are pretty awful. In fact, almost all Christians are way off in their beliefs, and when Christians constantly condemn people who are not saved, they make them feel unwanted, unimportant, and stupid. And people who are not saved are really quite awesome, but without God leading their lives, they can’t even realize how truly great they are. If God is King and his followers are his very own children, are they not princes and princesses of the God most high? People think being Christian is about giving up fun for the sake of getting into heaven, and how the heck is that motivation?
“Yeah, just totally live a boring life, and that convinces your heart that the heaven you’re trying to get into will be fantastic.” NO!!! That does only the opposite, so when people believe this lie, they become unmotivated, and Christianity gets ignored. Christians and non-Christians need to really change. Because non-Christians obviously can’t get into heaven, and Christians are so crappy they’ve distanced themselves from the truth they preach so much about, and their chances of getting in are slim to none, always slim to none. So what can we do to change this?
First, you have to learn what you need to do in order to really know God, and once you meet him you have to learn to grow in faith and grow spiritually, and let him change your entire heart for the better. This change helps make you a better person, and gives you his perspective on things, which helps to shape the way you act and all that you do. He uses individuals with strong faith in him to change the world, and because so much of the world is without religion, not many people have strong faith at all. But once you get this strong faith in him, he is able to really change the world with you, and you will live better lives than all others on the planet. Now better doesn’t necessarily mean having more money or more possessions or even different kinds of power, but you are better in that you are free from the dictating standards the world sets because you are set to follow God’s standards, which are different from the standards of the world, and much easier, really. Most people just don’t know that. You’re better because once God changes your heart, you learn to think better and more clearly and become more intelligent, usually, and you make better decisions, and you don’t end up in nearly as many dead ends as you would as a non-Christian. Your life is purposeful and not empty, and you are with someone who wants to take care of you your entire life, instead of you being the only one looking after yourself. And this someone wanting to take care of you knows everything, and has an incredibly good heart, so who else could you trust to lead you to where you need to go, and help you become the person you need to become?
So to know God, you have to learn to trust him, and even if the trust is weak at first, he can help make it stronger. You have to know that you are a sinner and that Jesus Christ saved your life by dying on the cross and rising up from the grave, and realize in your own heart that you need his forgiveness. You have to give your life over to him and allow him to lead you; you have to be submissive and learn to serve him, and that’s basically it. You could actually pray for this, as long as you remember a prayer doesn’t save you and never can, but it is a true belief of Jesus in your own heart that can allow you to become saved, since he is the only way to heaven.
What to pray:
“Lord I admit that I am a sinner in need of your forgiveness. I believe that you died on the cross for my sins and were resurrected. I now give my life over to you, please guide me and show me how to serve you.” <-this quote came from this site.
And then you can start your new life as a Christian; as a new follower of Jesus Christ! Once you really know him, he will lead you into doing what you need to do. It's good to go to church and start reading the bible. Most churches I know of are crappy, but this one addresses people in a way that's easy to understand, and you can just click the play button to start the video. The website is here: Click this!! There are plenty of videos here: Click this! on a variety of different subjects.
It’s also good to get help with your journey through the bible by reading with others and asking reliable people questions whenever you get confused, so that you can make sense of what it says, since there is plenty of information in it.
Good luck!! 😀


  1. chris Said:

    Great Blog! I am amazed by your maturity in Christ. Thank you for doing the work of God and spreading the message. May God Bless you and guide you in all that you do in Christ our Savior.

    • deadwednesdays Said:

      I commented back on your website and then realized I could have commented here, lol. So what I would have written here is what I wrote on your contact page. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! 🙂

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