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*Poetry Corner- “Golds and Greys” + Banner

I have a poem called Golds and Greys, and I animated it using a program called unfreez and an art program on Hope you all like it:

I also made a banner:

I hope they are decent.

These are the actual words to the poem:

Golds and Greys

A light is beautiful now
But of course, it will fade
A God waits for you now
And tries to find a way
To capture everyone’s attention
But where are we?
Lost within grey
Where are we?
Lost within grey
And he is looking
Looking for his
Lost and lovely people
Lost and lovely souls

Could he change yours?
I know he’d try in an instant
But we are dancing in grey
And fiery gold
We are hell bound
We are dancing in grey
And fiery gold
We are not stable
Without God
He reaches in and takes
He reaches in sometimes
He reaches in and he’s taken me
He reaches in and takes
Hands covered in sludge and gold pieces
Surely, he’ll take our souls
He cannot rest without his hearts
And he will locate our hearts
And induce them to come close to his
Come closer

He can easily save and change
He can easily change and save
Just listen
Listen to poems with messages
And songs with meaning
I’m communicating the truth
Does it whisper into your ears
Into your soul?
Into each soul?
I cannot rest without reaching
And everyone
I cannot rest until I get you all
Captured and caught up in his love
He will rescue everyone
Dancing in grey

We can’t always be just
Dancing in golds and greys

Dancing, dancing
Dancing without some way
His only way
His only way

And I guess that’s what Christians should be doing. Kicking butt and working hard.