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Some Type of Submission Can Be Good for Us

People come from all different kinds of backgrounds and I think people are very unique. Together we are called people and often are thought of as a whole but within the group of people are countless individuals who can change others and affect other people’s lives in small yet effective ways; in ways that really matter. There are really smart people who make awesome grades in school and will do well in college, then there are people who will do okay in high school and then okay in college. There are some people who really are kind of dumb at different times, but they try to get by okay, and other dumb people who just won’t really try at all. That’s life. There are people who will always apply themselves and people who barely will and probably never would if they didn’t have to.

But it’s okay that so many people are so different. It’s not really okay to fail at virtually everything you do, but it really is okay to come from different places or to be brought up a little differently because when everyone grows up, we have to function as a whole and not be all split up and broken. I think of a democracy when I think of everyone being forced to come together as a whole. It’s like even though we all may have different opinions and attitudes and beliefs about whatever or whoever, we are often forced to work together to make decisions. If we did not decide to have a democracy and make our decisions together to achieve progress, then we would not get anywhere. But because we agree to compromise in little ways, we are allowed to make decisions like picking leaders of the country and deciding what we want to do about difficult situations.

We all have a voice because we all decided to submit in some way to create a democracy, and so now everyone’s opinion matters in small and different ways. If we refused to compromise and allow everyone to have a turn to say what they want to say in whatever small or big way, we would be at war with each other in our hearts because our voices would be oppressed and shut out and ignored and no one would be satisfied.

It is essential to success and to progress that we all compromise in order to achieve the good of the entire population of people instead of a few individuals, and because we learn to do this, we usually get along and can make decisions and live a totally free and sometimes carefree life.

When we compromise what we want and our selfish ways to achieve whatever it is God wants from us, we can begin to really make a difference. It is when we refuse to compromise at all that we usually get nowhere in our walks with God. Why? Because in the same way society can’t really function at its best or at all without submitting to some type of authority, we cannot get far in our lives with God without submitting to his authority. Yes, this often means giving up some of the things we really want, but if we are selfless enough to figure out how to do so, then God can really move through us. It is vital that we compromise the things we want sometimes, or a lot of times depending on the situation, so God can work with us and through us. If a society with a really large amount of people refused to abide by the rules and the laws, everything would result to utter chaos and craziness, because no one has control over the insane desires of people and no one can keep one incredibly greedy person from over powering another and no one can protect us if we cannot submit and be willing to give up some of the selfish desires of people to protect everyone as a whole.

Whenever we dismiss God and go on doing whatever selfish thing we want to do and don’t pay any attention to him, we allow for more chaos to enter our lives in small ways and it makes it impossible for him to protect us. He cannot protect you if you won’t follow his rules. If a child won’t listen to its mother when she tells him not to run out into the street and he runs out there and there happens to be a car about to hit him, she can no longer protect him, and the disobedient child would pay for it with his life. It’s not always so extreme with God, but a lot of times it may be. I don’t know, so it’s best to listen to him the best you possibly can and remember he is looking out for us in the end. We should learn to stop being endlessly selfish through this, because he sees the end and knows how everything will turn out and so he knows how to make it so things turn out well for each and every one of us in the end, and we don’t know our own endings. Our selfishness may lead to our downfall, and ultimately the end of us.

God is not out to dictate everything you do and every thought you think, he merely wants us to be obedient to him so that we can live the fullest lives possible. He doesn’t have boring uninteresting plans for us, but has amazing plans for us to change the world with him. It’s important to always listen to him, or we may be our own downfall and our own destruction. We have to attempt to stay strong and pray that God will be with us and lead us to do right, and we should surround ourselves our good influences that will not cause us to slip and forget God.

I’m not perfect, I just try really hard to do well, and always keep God in my thoughts so that I might get to heaven someday. And in always remembering him, I’m assured that I will get to heaven. Hooray for me! Good luck and God bless you all. 🙂