*Poetry Corner- Jesus’s Love

Love is dainty, kind, and always unique,
I wait for it while passing through my life.
It’s outrageous but ever precious, still,
And I can’t wait ’til it captivates me.
I pray it dearly envelops my heart
And can keep me marvelously happy.
It speaks truth but its voice gets distorted,
It is heard but greatly misunderstood.
I love how its sound pours into my heart,
But hate how this sound can make me insane.
I love to love and hate to hate simply
Because loving lifts me on high and hate
Causes a remarkable amount of
Loathing to boil up within all of me.
Loving is an unbelievable act
Of kindness and grace for all who receive
Its wonderfulness and awesome power.
Love Jesus simply because he loves you,
Love him because he truly first loved you.
You cannot understand his compassion
Without recognizing this beautiful
Love he gives out so freely to us all.
He’s perfect and awesome in character.
I’d hate to live a day without his love.
I know him ever deeply in my heart
And I can’t help but be so overwhelmed
By how much he has always cared about
Every single last human who exists.

From Church Of Christ Online-HTTL

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