Why Trust God?

Why Trust God?
He always looks out for your very best interest, even if you don’t know what’s in your own best interest, and/or you don’t think he’s looking out for your best interest.
He’s sovereign, above all, omniscient, all knowing. He knows what we need before we need it, what we want, and how to accomplish everything perfectly.

Why Trust God?
He always loves us immensely. His love means compassion, integrity, boldness, bravery, grace, among other things.
He said he does in the bible! It’s easy to hear about people getting saved and people falling away. Some people hate God and grow to love him. Even when we do nothing but run away from him, he says he’ll always remain faithful. That’s compassion, integrity, bravery, grace, and boldness. 🙂

Why Trust God?
He’s much more powerful than the world and he knows how to steer us in the right direction, even though we live in and are constantly surrounded by a fallen world.
He created us and he knows us through and through. He is perfect and can make a way out of no way. He allows the weak to lead the strong and raises up those who are humble. He’s righteous and full of glory. He is unchanging and knows all, which means he knows fully how to take care of us!

Trust that Jesus can lead your life. Accept him as your Lord and savior, he forgives us for all of our sins. Pray for forgiveness, and he will always be with you. He’s awesome!!

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