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*Poetry Corner- “Plastic Rose, Plastic Faith” + ECF, Trust

This is a haiku I made. The underlying meaning has to deal with how amazing it is to have faith. Of course, it’s about having faith in God, but it can apply to having faith in relationships, having faith in what you do, having faith in yourself, having faith during difficult times. I really love this poem.

Plastic Rose, Plastic Faith

The beauty of the
Plastic rose in snow: colors
That survive winter.

I think I’ll draw a picture with it, later.

Electric City Fellowship, Trust

I normally go to NewSpring church, but lately I’ve been visiting Electric City Fellowship. It’s much smaller but often feels a lot more personal. I just wanted to say that the place where they normally have church has been shut down. It’s very discouraging. It’s not easy to continue trying to have a service and figuring out where to go to have a service. Luckily, these church members did not just give up, but they worked hard and they moved the church back to T. L. Hanna High School.

They have service on Sunday there, and I’m so glad they didn’t give up. I told one of the members I’d try to invite people to come to that church since I’m sure they would love some more people. They welcome everyone with open arms. 🙂 It’s important not to give up on the message of God just because of hardships. Sometimes, God even puts obsticales in the way on purpose to test us or to teach us something. They may be hard at first, but they may turn out to be something beautiful. This is one reason it’s important not to give up on God: you never know what exactly he has in store for you.

He may bring you pain and confusion, but it’s important to persevere and continue to trust him, because he never gives up on us and when we hold on and continue to work hard even when times get difficult, he promises to bless us in the end. The results for working hard for the name of Jesus are not always immediate, and it’s important to realize that that’s okay. I think about that all the time!

It really is okay to not understand what he’s leading you to, as long as you trust him. A child may like to play in the road, and their parent might spank them every time they do it. Of course, the child doesn’t understand why they get spanked at the time. Is it to be mean? Of course not! The parent doesn’t want the child to get hit by a car. So it’s okay not to see the smaller picture if you understand the bigger one; God really is always looking out for us. He is a parent, he is our Father. And good fathers take care of their children.

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