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*Poetry Corner- The Stars of God

The Stars of God

I step on stars and find a place
Somewhere inside this galaxy
A place so far away from every ordinary day

Sit on stars, begin to pray
For peace inside, He forms a way
For me to reach an inner bliss
That I have never known before
This day

Singing on a star tonight
Elated, I feel lifted high
Like I’ve gained the ability to fly
Fly, far away

Sleeping on a star tonight
There is no reason to be so scared
He chipped away at all of my
Horrendous, internal nightmares
I sat in awe, watching as they
Just all unwound and frayed

Now I only think of ever
Dreaming the most beautiful
Of dreams
Where holes were ripped in me
He stitched me back together
At the seams
And then my limp heart
Felt so real, so very, very real
There’s just nothing like dying,
Then regaining ability to feel

Stars, stars, stars
Shine your light on through
There is something really sweet
That keeps carrying me through
All of the most awful of days
I know something
Comes my way

Dancing on the stars tonight
I couldn’t feel happier here
There’s something ever beautiful
That’s drying up my tears

And I feel mesmerized inside
I cannot help but close my eyes
The world around me is peaceful,
I feel ever alive


Poem I wrote about my newfound faith in Jesus. 🙂
I want to spend so much of my life writing poetry and music for him. Making art for him, preaching for him, loving him.. doing whatever I can. He makes me so happy! Even when he brings me sadness. I just can’t help but always be overflowing with love for him, as he loves me.

He loves us all, no matter what we’ve done; he always forgives. That’s something to always remember.

I try to always trust God because I know I will be rewarded for my faith in heaven. When I trust him, no matter what the circumstances are here on earth, he will bless me in heaven. I know he takes care of my heart and keeps it well, so I am okay no matter what the circumstances are. The condition of my heart is the most important thing about me, and I know he keeps it in good condition because of my faith. And a little faith can go a long way. The world changes, and I feel he has adequately prepared me for pretty much anything! Woohoo! Do you have faith in Jesus?