College, Mile After Mile

On June 4, I graduated from T.L. Hanna High school. I was so proud to be standing up there, after working through 12 years of school, I was finally rewarded for it. Nothing really feels better than working on something forever and then seeing the work pay off.

This is a very new and important time in my life, and I want to make sure I leave it in God’s hands. He knows where I need to go and how I should get there, even before I really do. A good father looks after his children, so I’m going to pray to him and listen to him. Wherever he tells me to go, whatever he tells me to do, I’m going to try to obey.

One important thing I’ve learned from God is that just by being obedient to what he says, my life will turn out best. Doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it means that eventually my life will be more rich and fulfilling than it could ever be otherwise. It’s true!

So what are my plans now?
I’m going to Anderson University, which is a Christian school. God put it in my heart that later in life, I’m going to preach, so I know I can take classes there that will teach me how to do that. So I’m listening to God.

AU is also a liberal arts school, and I know that I want to play music early in life, and I’m going to pursue that also. Jesus has also let me know that that is fine. So I’m happy that I’ll be listening to God and doing what I want. Nothing better than that.

I believe I’m going to try to steer clear of boys for awhile. I’ve recently learned that it may seem really fun going to a relationship at first, but sometimes it’s just not worth it. If you go out with someone and break up soon after that, sometimes the heartache is just too much. And my heart is in a very fragile place right now, and feels easy to break.

I think God thinks it’s best if I stay away from them for awhile. I know he’s got big plans for me when it comes to this area in my life, because I trust him with it. I just don’t think that the time is now.

The reason I trust Jesus with this is simply because he knows what is best for my heart, and so he knows who is best for my heart. He knows just the kind of person I need. Who I think I need may not be the one for me. But he knows who I need better than I do, so he can lead me to them.

I’ve spent a lot of time drawing lately, and a lot of time practicing playing the keyboard. One of my passions is music and art, so I work hard at them. Basically, I’m trying to put my future in Jesus’s hands. I will admit it can be a struggle trusting him.

But after I get over the fear, he makes me feel good that I did trust. 🙂 You should pray to him and try to put your life in his hands. I guarantee, your life couldn’t be better any other way.

Here is a song I wrote about me walking close with Jesus. He leads me and I will follow where he goes.

‘Mile After Mile’

My friend
You and I
Barefoot in the sand
A smile spreads across my face
Carry me to the other side
Of this empty place
People have perished here
I depend on you
It’s true
That it’s okay if it takes awhile
Carry me mile after mile

Walk with me through a desolate land
Take hold of my hand
I’m held still by faith
And in this empty place
I have no fear
Now that you’re here
Filling me with hope
When the world leaves me alone
People are afraid of this place
But because of your grace
I’m not afraid to talk with you
And walk with you
To the other side
I’m not afraid to dance with ou
Take a chance with you
‘Cause we will survive

Open me up inside
Capture my heart
There’s nothing like trusting you
In a world that’s hesitating
There’s nothing like breathing
While everyone’s suffocating
You are the song in my heart
And the bravery in every step I take
To get across this empty place

What more could I need?
Jesus, you are the best friend
I’ve ever known of
I know there is such strength
In your love

I get the feeling that
I can survive
Can I talk with you
And walk with you
To the other side?
Can I stay with you
And pray to you
That I will survive?

So I’ll try to stay close to Jesus as I explore this new and exciting area of my life. If you learn to trust him in any area of your life, you can see how much he can help you.

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