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New Hugs Bible for Women, Bible Verses, Poem- Constantly Inspired

New Bible!

I bought this Hugs Bible for Women from Books a Million. It’s the first bible I’ve ever bought. The first one I really used was a free one from Newspring Church, but it felt good that out of love for Jesus, I was willing to buy one for myself.

It’s pink and girly and full of inspirational quotes. 😀 But of course, it’s not about how it looks, but only useful if I actually get into it and read it. And if it changes me in my heart.

Bible Verses

I also have a couple other books with a bunch of bible verses for different times in your life, like when you doubt yourself and trouble hits your life. It has sections that tell you about Jesus as being your savior, your friend, security, etc. It breaks the bible down into sections so you can find anything you need at any given moment.

One is called God’s Promises for Every Day. The other is called Daily Inspiration for the Purpose Driven Life.

I’ve learned that these kind of books really give me inspiration whenever I’m down. They really open my eyes to see that the bible truly is healing. I could be down in the dumps about to cry because someone made me mad, about boys, my mom.

I could be confused about God or upset with him. But when I read these bible verses, they always manage to touch my heart in a way that I need them to. They make me feel more secure in my faith, and make my problems seem smaller.

I love spending time with Jesus because when I feel His word in my heart, He feels close to me and more real to me. I know His word makes me stronger, too.

Speaking of inspiration, I wrote a poem awhile ago about how great it is.

Constantly Inspired

Inspiration is a flare of hope.
It is a bird singing in the morning,
Making one aware of the beautiful dawn of the new day.

Inspiration is hope in itself,
It is encouraging.
Inspiration is music in a person’s heart;
Giving them an upbeat rhythm
To hold on to all day long.
Inspiration is brighter than sunlight,
Wiser than… the wisest owls,

Inspiration is a yes as opposed to 10,000 nos.
It is a hope versus 10,000 pessimisms.
It is a loving heart versus 10,000,000
Black holes,
That live drearily in this world.

Inspiration is morning dew dripping from leaves.
It pours into someone’s heart like a mesmerizing sunset.
Inspiration is a mesmerizing hope.
It keeps people witty, bright, and full of ideas
On how to make themselves feel better, be better, and constantly do better.
Inspiration is following an impulse to make a kind comment.
Inspiration stomps out the toughest, deadliest of criticisms
And remarks that one could ever stand.
Inspiration is a lion; it is king of the jungle.
Inspiration is like settled snow: calm and tranquil.
It lubricates the mind so that it might conceive sharp and brilliant in ideas,
I mean ideals.
Inspiration is feeling ice on the ground with one’s bare feet;
It is mesmerizing in feeling.
Inspiration is an awesome thing.

An inspiration is people making progress.
It is people learning to love one another,
For loving one another helps people love themselves more;
Yes, somehow, even more.
Inspiration is like fire, burning someone’s spirit inside;
Burning hope into it, and warmth and trust, and sincere concern.
Inspiration is perfection in a small way,
In a kind word on an otherwise horrid day.
It is beautiful
Like poetry.

Inspiration is a loving God in the midst of mankind,
Even as mankind shuns his heart and
His awesome, holy spirit.

Inspiration is a spark of perfection
In a dull world,
And inspiration heals and makes all well
In small and sometimes, incredibly subtle ways.
Inspiration thrives in the deepest crevices in my heart,
In my soul.

So hop to it, and get
Constantly inspired.