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The Passion of the Christ

I want to see the full movie Passion of the Christ. I love Jesus- I’d love to see how his life was. Have any of you seen it? I was watching clips from it yesterday on youtube. I watched the part where people made him carry his cross, and he was bloody- bloody, but oh so beautiful. He fell on the ground. People would laugh at him. I could feel a little of the pain- see in his eyes that he was so exhausted, the pain was too much to bear, but still he carried it.

In all the mess, he seemed so beautiful. He didn’t say to God, the Father “forget this, this is too much work, this is too hard, too painful”. He did not complain. In his heart, he loved us and was determined to come t hrough for us. He wanted us to be with him in heaven, and chose to suffer to save us. There is no better friend than that.

After seeing that, I cried. It hurt so bad. I see him covered in filth, considered worthless by those about to kill him. But he’s a diamond in the dirt; surrounded by grime and filth, but he himself is a priceless jewel; beautiful inside and out, like no other. Underneath that dirt, I see endless grace, the joy of heaven. The perfect king of the world, humble and obedient ’til death on a cross. I see freedom in life, joy, peace, compassion, mercy, generosity, and hope when I saw him. Bloody and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen or known.

I struggle with my self-esteem, and after this, I refused to insult myself or emotinoally abuse myself- obviously he thought I was worth suffering and dying for; obviously, he saw something beautiful an dpriceless. So I declared I would treat myself as a priceless gem. I won’t insult him and what he did for me on the cross by saing I’m not beautiful and that I’m worthless.

In another clip of Passion of the Christ, Jesus was being whipped, and the person whipping him was laughint at him. What amazes and shocks me is that Christ lived a perfect life- holy, obedient, and so good he was equal to God. People hated him for it. The whipping was hard to watch- to see blood marks slashed into his back, and to watch how with each whipping, he got weaker, and fell to the ground some times. I could see h im screaming inside with every hit.

He suffered this so that we may have hope in a hopeless world. He paid the price for our sin- for our shortcomings and the evil and selfishness in our hearts. He made is possible for us to get to heaven. .Suffering sometimes, in order to remain faithful to God, is a very good and beautiful thing.

At the end of the beating, he fell to the ground, and you could see his blood all over the ground, all over his face and body.

This was the perfect son- not to mention the loving father who gave him to the world anyway. He watched his innocent son suffer and die at the hands of evil men. How could a parent let their child go through that hell? He saw it was the only way to save us, and his love for us allowed him to give his son away.

I will not be selfish and greedy as the world is. I will not forsake God; I will not change. Don’t care if atheists hate it, don’t care how evolutionists feel. Jesus looked pass those who criticized him for our sake, I will look pass the criticism of others for his sake. I will sacrifice myself for his cause, by living a holy and upright life that brings glory and happiness to God. I’ll sacrifice myself for his cause, as he did for me. I will not fall weak and obsess over a tempory world like people of the world do. He got nailed to a cross for us, and therefore I will do the same, out of the same love; I will pick up my cross and follow him.

Carrying Cross, Dying on Cross

Whipping Scene:

Absolutely nothing more painful, and absolutely nothing more beautiful. This is love; the price for our freedom.