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Getting to the Heart of the Matter

A big part of being a follower of Christ is having your heart in the right place. A lot of people think Christianity is about doing good acts to get accepted by God, to get into heaven, but this is not the case. The only thing we can do to get into heaven is to have faith in Christ; to believe he died for our sins and was raised from the dead- to recognize we need his help to be right with God, and turst him. So our hearts must change.

He loved us by dying for us, and we must return love to him by changing our hearts. Quite honestly, if you don’t love Jesus and trust that he has saved you, all the things in the world that you do to try to gedt into heaven don’t mean a hill of beans. Having faith in Christ is the only way to be connected to God the Father, and to get into heaven.

Christ, in a huge way, prefers a holy heart that is in the right place over ‘good acts’. This means you can gert into heaven if your heart is in the right place, even if you fail to accomplish a lot (this is definately not to say you shouldn’t try!!), but you can never get to heaven if your heart isn’t in the right place, no matter how hard you try to get there any other way.

It’s about your intentions, what you truly desire, not so much about the acts. Acts are vital in faith, but you can’t get into heaven with them alone.

The reason acts aren’t quite as vital as they seem is because Jesus committed the most important act for us. First, he lieved the perfect life, following all of God’s laws that no one could follow. The reason we can’t get into heaven based on our actions is because… frankly, our actions suck. We fall short of the law, don’t listen to what God says, and so we are sinful. You would have to be perfect in every way to get into heaven based on your actions alone.

Jesus saw that that was quite impossible for us, so he lived the perfect life for us. Then he died on the cross, as a holy sacrifice to God. So through living and dying perfectly, he took that responsibilty away from us- getting into heaven solely based on actions. His perfectgion allowed us to gain freedom. He had the perfect heart, too; fully faithful and loving to God the Father, and, his kindness brought us freedom; his perfection once and for all, paid a price for all our sins.

So all we have to do is trust Jesus, believed he has saved us, know that we are sinful but that he has paid for our sins, and when we do that, he comes to our aid and allows us to share in his gift; he gets us to heaven because when we trust him, we depend on him in all his perfection, not on ourselves with all our imperfection that would only lead us to hell.

So change your heart and share in his freedom. Trust him and he will get you to heaven. Pray that he will chagne your heart because when you learn to have a holy heart turns into your actions; with a holy heart, you live a holy life, acting holy and doing moral things. If your heart is evil and all you obsess over is sin, you will do sinful things that can really screw up your life. I always focus on the condition of my heart and let my heart shape my actions.