*Poery Corner- Weight of the World, and Trusting Jesus

Wrote a poem called “Weight of the World”:

Blackest hearts,
Deepest, darkest secrets
Crazy things to hide
But the secret- can you keep it?
Admit only to yourself
That you are crazy as hell
But tell the world
Your fine, doing just well

There is something insane in your world
All alone, you spend your days
Doing your own thing
Don’t care about what noone says…
But when you feel lonely,
Don’t you wish you could open up
Have someone around you
When you’ve really had enough

Someone to take the weight off your shoulders
Share the hell you’ve been through
Someone who won’t act like you’re a freak,
Not out to judge you and condemn you

How many skeletons are in your closet?
A thousand and ten?
Blackest hearts,
Revealing the deepest of sins
It’s okay..
Jesus loves with his eyes closed
Choosing to ignore the bad things you’ve done
Telling you stuff that you don’t know
Like “you are worth much more
Than you think
I love you more than you could
Ever believe”
He’s not there to criticize you when you’re wrong
When you feel bad
He’s there to catch your tears and wipe your eyes
Weary and sad
Never leave you
Never feel alone again
He sees
The hell-hole world you’ve caught yourself in

And he forgives every secret sin
He’ll make the skeletons goes away
Trust in him
Make the demons stop calling your name
He accepts when people reject
Your painful truth
He’s the first to notice how much your hurting
And the last to turn away from you

In the blackest place in the world,
Where you never could survive
When you close your eyes
And just keep hoping to die
He meets you
Right there where you are
Just wants to get close to you
To heal your heart

And on the edge of the world,
Overseeing the blackest of days
And the deadliest of nights
Where stars in the sky are set ablaze
He holds my hand
And lets me feel peace
I have never known before
I feel at ease

In an ever dangerous world
When a wingless angel learns to fly
I know he’s safety;
Enough strength to help me get by


This poem is about how I felt at church today. I felt like Christ will accept anyone; no matter where they’ve come from, what they’ve done in their past, how many things have gone wrong. He will accept them even if they are strange to everyone else. He accepts all kinds of people from different races, nations, backgrounds. It’s because he loves us all as his own children, unconditionally. If we would just learn to trust in him, he will heal our wounds and fix our broken hearts.

There is no such thing as having too much baggage or doing too many bad things to be loved by Jesus. That’s simply impossible. He died for us to save us all because he loved us all so, so much. He wants to spend time with us, listen to us, lead us, comfort us, teach us, change us, grow us. He wants us to live positive and very fulfilling lives.

When I accepted Christ and I felt him working in my heart, this was the very first thing I felt; that he was effectively healing me in a way I could never heal myself before I knew him, and that he loved me and that he was comforting me and would protect me. That’s a good friend and a good father.

Reach out in your hearts. Take a step of faith. I guarantee you’ll be met with a hug; his embrace. He’s more concerned about how our hearts feel- whether or not they are hurting and desperately need his help- than what we look like on the oustide. He does not judge us as the world judges us; he does not view us as the world does. He pays attention to what’s in our heart- he’s really not concerned with how rich we are, how many cars we have, how much power we have. He wants to change our hearts. The world views us outwardly, he views us inwardly.

And he makes me feel beautiful to no end. I hate when people look at Christianity like it’s silly or corrupt. Some Christians can be corrupt- but those that will really show you what Jesus is like make all the difference. I guarantee you’ll find a friend and a helper in him. Just trust him, and you will not be let down. Really.

God bless you all. 🙂

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