Christ’s Beautiful Church Should Make You Feel Beautiful

I went to church today at Electric City Fellowship. I don’t go to NewSpring as much as I used to. Both are very good churches, and I can definately tell that Jesus is at work at both places- changing people’s hearts, affecting people, causing his beloved church to grow.

At Electric City Fellowship, I grow spiritually like I never thought possible. It once seemed like you just go to church and just get what you can out of it- I always knew that other people’s hearts would change, and God would make church seem awesome to them. I’ve always liked church and wanted to be involved, but only at ECF did I experience what I think church should truly feel like.

At other churches, I would feel like God is working in the preacher’s life and in some people’s life radically; and in my heart, that’s was it seemed that I was forced to accept. I kind of hated that because I always wanted to feel so much closer to Jesus at church than I did. But know matter how much faith I had, how much I prayed, no matter what I did, it seemed like he would just decide when the time was right to spend time with me. But at ECF, it feels like he is walking next to me, holding my hand; like the Holy Spirit is talking to me, healing my heart, discipling me, hugging me; like I am unbelievably involved with the message of God.

Church shouldn’t just feel like a place you go just to hang out; you should never feel like you are ‘just there’. You should pick a church in which you grow spiritually, feel truly connected to Jesus, and can really get involved. You really should be in love with the church you go to; if you are not, you should really consider going to another church. It is so crucial to feel like you belong to the community and that you feel fulfilled at the end of the service; like you can tell God is moving and doing a work in you and around you. You should do something if you feel nothing all the years you are there.

It was a really eye opening experience going to another church. Different churchers are for different people. I used to go to NewSpring all the time- and it is an incredible, life changing and amazing church. Thousands of members, and people obviously feel connected to Christ. But it’s not for me. It’s not that it’s not good, but I truly feel that different churches are for different people. My heart is designed differently than the next person, so they may love NewSpring, but I love Electric City Fellowship.

At NewSpring, it feels like I already know what the preacher is talking about. Every time, it seems like other people are learning, but maybe I’ve just grown much more spiritually than some people. However, at ECF, every week it is something new. I feel invigorated, refreshed, like Jesus is standing next to me.

I went to NewSpring for months and feel like I plateaued in my faith. Other people grow immensely and have their worlds rocked by Christ. But that’s because NewSpring is for them more than it is for me. But when I went to ECF for even just a couple weeks, I was so in love with that church and I felt closer to Christ than I ever felt in my life. ECF has around a 100 people, but it’s the kind of church designed for me.

The church- which is the collective body of Christ, all the Christians in the world together as one- the church is the beautiful, wonderful bride of Christ. And at ECF, I felt like I was in that romantic relationship with Christ, like I was truly part of the bride, part of the church. I felt like he wanted a personal relationship with me and that he wanted to love me, lead me, teach me, etc. It was amazing. I never quite felt that at NewSpring, but I can name 10 people off the top of my head who could probably say that about NewSpring.

The point of this post is this: Don’t choose a church simply because it’s popular, or simply because someone says you should go there. See for yourself how good the church is, and really give it a chance; but if you don’t grow in your walk with Christ or just don’t feel connected to the message, pray about it, and then move on to another church.

You’re more likely to listen to a preacher if you feel really in love with the church and the environment. You’re more likely to take in what you hear and much more likely to apply it; more likely get involved with the church and more likely to tell people about the church.

Someone once tried to convince me that I should stay at NewSpring, that God probably wants me at this particular church. But that’s not necessarily true. What he wants is me to grow in my walk with him, he wants me to feel closer to him and have a better relationship with him. If I can’t get it at one church, I’ll go to another. But pick somewhere you love, so you really can feel free and incredible in your church. Just because your family likes a certain place, doesn’t mean you necessarily have to.

As I said, sometimes, you just have to pray about it, and move on.

But again, ECF and NewSpring are both quite incredible, making the name of Jesus famous. They are working hard and are active churches. There are plenty of good churches all over the place, but these are the main two I have experience with. So just go check out different places, until you pick the one where you feel closest to Jesus. 🙂

So check out these churches!!

Electric City Fellowship!


REVO Church!

Just a few good churches I truly believe in!! Enjoy.

-Jennifer Clayton xox

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