Spending Time Reading the Bible

Wooohooooooo!!!!!! God had put it in my heart to finish the bible and I finally did it today. I made it one of my New Year’s Resolutions, and for each of the books of the bible I read, I would give myself a small reward- by doing something I really enjoy. It really motivated me. In general, I was very motivated to do this because I am so in love with Christ and this is what he wanted me to do, so I was eager to be obedient and obey. I always listen to God when he calls me to do something, because I am so certain he knows what is best for me. 🙂

It is very effective to break the bible up and try to read it little by little, instead of looking at it as a whole and overwhelming yourself. Don’t think, ‘I’m going to try to read the whole bible.’ Think, ‘I’m going to read 1 section today.’ An by reading small sections every day, you eventually read the whole thing. There are two sayings:

“Little by little, one walks far.”
“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Take it step by step so not to overwhelm yourself. And reward yourself for reading parts of te bible. This is something that will motivate you.

But anyway, I was basically at the beginning of Revelation this morning (after I read through 2 John, 3 John, and Jude), and it was insane- a lot of interesting stuff, destruction; but I wrote it on my heart and believed it, because that’s what I’m supposed to do. I wholeheartedly trust that all the word of God is true.

The whole bible was very interesting. The theme I noticed most was God constantly trying to reach his people, and while a small group of people would try to focus on him and listen to him, the majority got swept away with sin and got caught up in doing evil things. It broke my heart that his chosen pepole, Israel, were given many opportunities to enjoy his friendship and worship him and live good lives, but they constantly fell in love with other false gods and idols. They worshipped cows made of jewelry, fertility gods, you name it. ):!!

God tried so hard to rescue his people from their sinful lifestyles of idolatry, greed, sexual immorality, etc. But they turned away. Sometimes, people think that God in the Old Testament was way too harsh, but I honestly think that’s a big fat lie.

He simply loved his people and sought after them so they could live rich and fulfilled lives with him, dedicated to his teaching. He simply wanted to lead them to live upright lives like any good and caring father would. Truly, it is because of the Israelites constantly ignoring God’s constant love and instruction that caused so many people to die and brought so much destruction. God was truly not mean; he was loving, kind, forgiving, compassionate.

But think in terms of life today. What happens when you ignore what your parents say over and over and only get caught up in a bunch of bad stuff that you want to do like drugs, sex, whatever? Though your parents love you dearly, after so much, they get fed up and really have to discipline you. It feels like they are ruining your life, but they are trying to keep you safe and protect you by having rules and order in the house. God is simply the same way and after so much time, with a brutally crushed heart, he is forced to discipline his children.

All I see is stubborn people falling away from a loving God. And that is true thought the bible. God raises some people up who live holy, upright lives and follow his commands, and those humble people are the ones he uses to change the nations and try to get them to believe in his name. Some of these are people like David and Moses and some of the prophets. God is always trying to give people a chance, it is just that peple persistantly choose not to take advantage of that.

In the New Testament, Jesus lives his perfect life, and when he gets around 30, he starts his ministry; preaching to people, and radically affecting everyone around him, causing hearts to change and fights to start up over his holy name. But still, the theme is fairly apparent; there are some people who refuse to believe he is the son of God, and Christ makes it very clear that to get to heaven and to be with God the Father, you have to have faith in him (Christ). There is only hell if you live without Christ.

Jesus says “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 NIV

People cause problems with Jesus and people choose to be ignorant, like the Israelites. But at the same time, lots of people are saved. Thousands and thousands. Christ has his apostles, and they radically spread the name of Christ and cause many people to believe. So there are always some who believe and some who don’t. I certainly believe!

But it was qutie a spiritual journey, reading through the entire bible, in which I walked and held Christ’s hand, and the hand of his Father and the Holy Spirit. I learned that the unfaithful eventually suffer- in this life and the next, and that the faithful get to enjoy treasures Christ has stored up in heaven for them. It’s so curcial to trust the Gospel, believing firmly and standing in the hope of Christ. It’s so enriching, and by obeying what he says, he allows us to live fulfilled and superbly blessed lives. He’s strong and moving, loyal and compassionate.

But I grew so much spiritually while reading. I can’t wait to see how it will affect my life; it depends on how I apply all the lessons I learned. But every time you pick up God’s word, you can learn something new, you can read a passage you’ve read a thousand times and still see something in a new and fresher way. There is so much potential for growth, so I encourage everyone to pick up the book and read. It is so necessary and it helps you gain strength and understanding of this life and the next.

Wonderful, wonderful read. I read the NIV, which is the New International Version, and now I’m about to start reading my Hug’s Bible for Women. 🙂 So super excited! I got done, and now I’m ready to start right back up again. Because I’m so certain that is what I- and all people in the world- are called to do; reflect on get changed by the word of God. Get there worlds rocked!! Woohoo!

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