A relationship – time= the death of that relationship

I have a friend named Tabitha. During our junior and senior years in high school, we became really close until we were the best of friends. I loved Tab. We had a lot in common, we both had strange boyish qualities: her love for wrestling and crazy rock music and her more ‘not caring’ attitude, and she always thought of herself as a tough SOB. She actually got me interested in wrestling, and I already loved crazy, heavy rock music. I always had this rockstar type of mentality, feeling like I am the craziest and the greatest. It was this kind of strange stuff that brought us so close together, and we were different from everyone else by our unique mentalities.

We both had the sadistic/pyscho kind of view of the world. So we always had fun together. We enjoyed talking to each other and hanging out, united in our weirdness. We talked tons on the phone, and I really started enjoying high school because of her. I used to just always feel alone, but the time we invested in each other made for an awesome time and an interesting friendship.

But the more we got wrapped up in our own worlds, the more we neglected our friendship. I missed her, but I started working. I had school and work. Soon, I really started aching to see her. I feel this way to this day. It is so painful and sad, knowing that our wonderful friendship is wasting away, and there is a burning of sorrow in my heart.

Whenever I finally found time to call her, we would talk for hours, until I had to go somewhere. Then it would be weeks before we talked again. I feel like if I don’t call her up to do something, our friendship will quickly keep evaporating until there is just nothing left to hold on to.

Relationships take a lot of time and effort. They don’t just survive ontheir own. We have to work long and hard to develop lasting connections with people we care about. I could cry for how much pain I’m in over Tab, because I’ve never had a lot of close friends.

Well, our relationship with Jesus is the same way. It takes time and effort and lots of energy, like being willing to get up early on sundays to go to church. Like giving God time in the morning through prayer and reading his word, to try to prepare ourselves for the day. Like spending time with a struggling friend, telling them that Jesus won’t give up on them, even when they give up on him. Like listening and being obedient when he tells us to do something. Like putting ourselves aside and putting away our selfish desires so he can get what he desires. Like trusthing him with our problems, with our money, with our everything.

Sound like a lot of work? Well, that’s because it is! Any relationship with having is worth fighting for. If we don’t spend time with Jesus, our relationship dwindles away. The firey passion we once had for him dies down into tiny flames. Then one day, we end up missing him, we end up screwing our own lives up.

A relationship – time= the death of that relationship.

If me and Tabitha never bother to keep in contact with each other, our relationship will eventually die, and it will cause a painful withdrawal for the both of us. If we don’t spend time with Jesus on the daily basis, we will lose our love for him, and it eventually will cause us a lot of pain, whether it means being stuck in a rut we can’t get out of by ourselves, feeling empty, or living a life we bitterly regret. These are some painful consequences of neglecting this relationship. Life builds up until it is impossible for us to handle on our own. The pain we feel when we neglect our relationship with Jesus is a million times worse than the pain I feel by neglecting my relationship with Tabitha.

Tabitha is my friend, and our relationship is important to me, so now I have extra encouragement to try to keep in contatct with her. Jesus is not only our friend, but also our father, our saviour, our redeemer, our hope, our love, our freedom, our strength, our Lord, our master, our everything. That means we should be infinitely more encouraged to spend time with him. I only had fun with Tabitha. I get to do that with Jesus while I grow more mature spiritually. I get to be stronger in my walk with him, and therefore stronger in my decisions of what to do in my life. I get to live a fulfilling life with my best friend, a life more awesome than I could ever imagine.

I will work on my relatinship with Tabitha, I will work on my relationship with Jesus. Time, effort, energy, pain, heartache, blood, sweat, and tears. Whatever it takes. Any relationship worth having is worth fighting for. What are you going to do to spend more time with our Lord and Saviour Jesus?

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