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Jesus is your: Protector!

“If you listen carefully to all he says and do everything that I tell you, I will be an enemy to your enemies. I will fight all who fight against you.” Exodus 23:22

If we are obedient to the Lord, doing all that he asks of us, he will protect us. We listen to him and obey, and he becomes our strength, our courage. He keeps us guarded when times get difficult. When we listen to him, trust him, and give ourselves completely to him, we are on his team, and no longer on the team against him. And being on his team, he is our leader, and we can accomplish anything in Christ.

This is because we no longer depend on our own strength, but instead, we have his strength. We no longer depend on our own guidance, but instead, have his guidance. If we would do what he asks, he will stand up for us and go ahead of us. He will fight for us, to keep evil away. And who doesn’t want to be on God’s team? Sometimes, we lose various battles. But every Christian can rest assured, that if we hold tight to our faith until the very end, we will win the war.

Not necessarily every battle, but definitely the war. Because Jesus has already gone ahead of us and won that war for us, and we get into heaven because of it; we get to be sons and daughters of the living God because of it. Satan can try to be all cute and clever, confusing people by making it look like we are on the losing team. But in the end, we have full victory through Christ. We must learn to maintain focus on the end goal, pushing away various distractions in this world. This could be people, hobbies, vices, etc.

Bare in mind that just because Christ protects us in our various struggles, it doesn’t mean that sometimes things will get unbearably hard. I feel like currently, I am going through a very painful time in my life, struggling with feelings of constant alienation, but that is okay. Sometimes he takes us to places that make us very uncomfortable and very afraid, and we might feel like we can’t make it.

However, this is still different than living without him. Yes, without him, we feel that same horrible feeling in our hearts when faced with troubles. However, when we are with him, through trusting him, he fuels our strength, so we can resist giving up when the going gets tough. So when we might give up on our own, he makes us stronger, so we can tolerate the pain more.

That is why before I was saved, every little thing in my life seemed impossibly hard to face on my own. But with him, yeah, I still face struggles and hardship, it’s just that I feel 10 thousand times less likely to give up. Why? Because I am not depending on my own strength, but Christ’s strength in me. That’s the difference. And in a world where everything seems to fall apart and we seem to lose so much control, who couldn’t use his anchoring strength? It grounds us during tough times.

He is surely our protector. ‘Cause when the going gets tough, the tough get going!