Jesus is your: Friend!

“Some friends may ruin you, but a real friend will be more loyal than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24

This is soooo true! We must be careful with whom we become friends. A friend can either bring you down, or help you up, allowing you to become a better person in the end. A bad friend can get you into all kinds of trouble, get into bad habits (such as drugs, smoking, sex). They can actually cause you despair and ruin opportunities for you. These people get so close to you that you don’t even realize how much they are bringing you down. You have to step back and away from them to see how they really aren’t good for you.

But then, there are good friends, who help make you wiser, stronger, and they encourage you and give you all kinds of love. They try to lead you in the right direction, they are really there to help you. I want friends such as these, I want to be a good friend like this to somebody.

While in this world, we have to be very careful in making friends and deciding who is good or who isn’t good for us to be around, Jesus is always a good friend. Always a great friend! He is never afraid to be honest with us, tell us where we are messing up. He holds us accountable for the things we do. He guides us and makes us stronger by what we suffer.

He teaches and disciplines us… he also loves us, gives us peace at times, wants what is best for us, and actually knows what is best for us. He leads us to very uncomfortable places when we follow him, but these experiences ultimately help to build us up. When we can’t depend on others, we can depend on him. Strong, courageous, genuine, AWESOME!!

I pray that you surround yourselves with good friends, and be a good friend to others. More than anything, I pray that you discover what an incredible friend Jesus is.

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