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Jesus is your: Example! Con’t

“Whoever says that he lives in God must live as Jesus lived.” 1 John 2:6

Okay. This is how you weed out a lot of the hypocrites and liars. People like to say that they live in God, claiming to be Christian and loving Jesus and acting like that is who they are. But the way they live doesn’t reflect this at all. If you are a true Christian, you have had a genuine change in heart; death of your old self, and you become a live in Christ. Now with this change of heart, the Holy Spirit starts to live in you, and he helps you to grow more as a Christian.

This internal change in heart eventually affects you so much that it transforms into external action. It’s like a well of life and love fills up your heart and bubbles, running over the sides, until it affects everything you do. So if you are a genuine follower of Christ, you will feel such love and excitement, and you can’t really hold in how you feel, you need to tell the world. So your heart for God will reflect into how you live and the things you do.

You should gradually become more Christ-centered. Jesus should become more and more important, and you should become less important. So if your actions are not good, like if you are constantly doing the wrong things, hanging with the wrong people, and you are not compelled to change or you don’t feel convicted, and it doesn’t really bother you, you have not had the change in heart.

So it starts with the heart. My friend claimed to be Christian but nothing in his life really reflected it, so I can’t see the change. Those who are changed are compelled to live as Christ lived, loving and sharing and teaching as Jesus did. They gradually become more humble and more focused on Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven.

So if you really live in God, you must live as Jesus lived! Follow his awesome example. We can’t be perfect like him, and we will definitely screw up a lot, but we have to at least try, that is what he wants us to do.