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Jesus is your: Example! Con’t 2

“I give you a new command: Love each other. You must love each other as I have loved you.” John 13:34

Jesus is our example that we are supposed to follow. He loved people, so we should be able to find it in ourselves to do the same. People cursed him, tried to kill him, spit on him, mocked him, eventually did kill him… but he still loved them.

I can’t sit back and say I’ve been in that much pain, so I can’t say it’s too hard to love people. If anyone, he is the only one who really can say that, and even though that’s true, he decided not to. He loved them regardless of the pain they caused. He prayed for them while they hurt him. He could have stopped loving us, but he didn’t. And I am so glad he didn’t! This life would totally suck if he decided to stop loving us.

He said we should love others, like he loved us. I do it all the time. It can be annoying to love people you would rather not, but I do it anyway. People who have broken my heart, annoying people like my sister, I love my mom when it’s difficult… It is hard for me to at first, but I eventually manage it. It’s good to love others, even when they hurt you. Because if you continue to love them afterwards, it shows so much character, and you can help them to become better Christians, as you become a better Christian by embracing such humility. It’s not easy.

There are so many people I can’t stand, but I love them, anyway. Because if Jesus refused to stop loving me, and to give me so much mercy and grace and freedom, I can’t say that doesn’t matter. Saying I refuse to love people, even knowing what Christ has done for me, is saying that what he has done is not important enough. And I would never say that.

It is a command, one of the greatest ones. The other is love the Lord with all your heart and strength and soul. Find that love hidden somewhere inside your heart, and share it!