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On Excellence part 1

Working hard. Blood, sweat, and tears. Going above and beyond. Doing your best. Over achiever. No such thing as second best. Improving, improving, improving. Good. Better. Best. Bestest.


As Christians, we are supposed to be excellent! What does that mean? It means that in everything we do, we should be working to glorify God. Not only are we supposed to do things that glorify God, we are also supposed to do them to the best of our abilities!

For example, we should never, ‘just go to church’. We should go to church to worship God, get moved by the Holy Spirit, to reach out and connect to others who need us, and try to move forward in our walk with God. When we pray, our prayers should never be empty, shallow prayers. They should be heartfelt; we should remember to be humble and pray for others, and honestly ask God for the things we need, and give him genuine ‘thank yous’ and ‘I love yous’ when we pray. You see? It’s never simply about ‘doing Christian stuff’. It’s also about doing those things to the best of our abilities.

Why? God the Father did not send some mediocre angel in the corner of heaven to come rescue us- he sent us his very best! He gave his precious, perfect, wonderful son to die for us, and he loved his son very much, just like any parent. It wasn’t painless or easy, but he did it.

Jesus lived the perfect life and died the perfect death, sacrificing himself for us. We cannot be perfect, but we can still put forth the effort, trying to do the best we can in all the things we do. We can try to be excellent.

Another reason we must consistently strive to be excellent because what we do reflects on God. Many Christians seem to forget this. We are his people, and we (are suppose) to represent him. When we act like we don’t care, nobody else will care, and they will think God is a waste of time.

When we humble ourselves and put others before ourselves, being accepting and loving, guess what? The world will start to see God as humble and accepting and loving! In the same way, when we are judgemental and heartless, the world sees this ugliness in us, and they start to think of God as judgmental and heartless.

And the thing is, how we treat them and treat our fellow Christians will often help them decide whether or not to reject or accept Christ into their lives. Our actions do matter. If we act like we are better than everyone else, everyone will see us as proud, and won’t give us the time of day, which often means they won’t give God the time of day. If we offer help to those in need, and always show love to others, they will see our big hearts and want to get to know us, and want to get to know God. It’s as simple as that.

So we must be excellent, doing God’s work with all our hearts, to the best of our abilities. God knows what our best looks like. He knows the very contents of our heart, and he knows whether our intentions are pure or not. He definitely knows when we are putting forth our best effort, and when we are not. It’s about our heart.