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On Excellence part 5

At Chick-fil-A, we have a few meetings throughout the year.

At a meeting one time, the boss, Jon, was talking about how we are supposed to be better than the competition. He talked about a book called “You Can’t Send a Duck to Eagle School”. He said we were eagles, and that he would not have hired us if we were ducks. We have to quit acting like ducks. We need to soar high above others.

I feel we should be the same as Christians. We have to outshine the world, so that others will see us and want to be like us. When I say “outshine the world”, I don’t mean become obsessed with the things the world is obsessed with, like fame for ourselves and power and money- I don’t mean shine brighter that way.

I mean shine brighter in love. Where someone else might act cold towards one, we should treat them with love and integrity. Where someone of the world might choose to ignore someone, we should choose to invest time and energy into every person we come across. We shine brighter as Christians by being more like Christ. We become more like Christ by loving each other with all our hearts, because Jesus loved us with all his heart. That means helping people when they are in need. It means talking about Jesus, and also being about him in all we do.

Our lifestyles should reflect what the Gospels teach. In becoming more like Christ- more selfless and giving and always doing things to draw people into Christ- we shine brightly. If we would get our hearts to be more like Jesus’ heart, and learn to deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow him- the world won’t look at us as greedy or hypocrites or liars. They will see love and breathtaking beauty and that is who I see Christ as: breathtakingly beautiful, and I want others to see him that way, by transforming my heart to be more like His heart. I know I am accomplishing this.

One time, I poured my heart out to God in a poem. I wrote this detailed imagery about the urgency of bringing people to Christ, and I shared it with some people on this website. I was so heartbroken because of so much joy, due to what one person had said. He said he was a flaming atheist and that he thought the poem was amazing. This is how people should see us. Even if they already have negative feelings toward us, we should still be able to affect them and change them little by little. People should see us collectively as the beautiful bride of Christ. This is my mission. This is our mission.