Poetry book, picture for chapter ‘My Regenerative Heart’

I have always wanted to write a book of poetry, and I am currently working on one. It was originally just going to be various poems that I wrote, about whatever I felt like. But life became more challenging and unbearable to live, and my poetry got crazier. I got to the point where I was completely desperate, and I finally just trusted God with my life instead of myself. So the poems will start off with all the bad stuff, and then reveal my radical transformation through living for Christ.

I kept trying to think of what the name of it might be, but I think I will just name it ‘Atypical Jesus’. This is because it does talk about him being atypical and different from the normal, and all the effects he has had on my life. It’s already the name of the blog, and since it already has some steam behind it, I will keep using it. No point in really starting over, I guess I am coining the term, lol.

‘Regenerative Heart’ is the title of a chapter. This chapter talks about the new way I look at the world, and how God has had a major effect on my beliefs. I look at marriage/relationships differently, money/jobs differently, friendships differently, priorities differently, etc. Jesus gives me my regenerative heart, which means like new life, basically.

I drew this picture on neondragonart.com. It took about 7 hours (not all in one sitting, though!). This is not the cover of the book, but just the picture for a chapter in the book. The cover will be insanely awesome.

I love being able to write stories and draw, and be able to incorporate the two. :3

Copyright Jennifer Clayton

I lovelovelove running hard after God, doing the best I can to share him with the world. He is my best friend, my Lord, my Saviour.


  1. Saphire Said:

    I saw your picture on NDA and I had to check out your blog. It is so refreshing to find your blog and see how genuinely you love Jesus and how you shine for him. I am very excited to read more from you and see more of your art.

    ~Saphire~(Fellow totally-in-love-with-Jesus-girl)

    • Yay! I think that’s the reason I named the blog ‘Atypical Jesus’. People start to look at Jesus a certain way, depending on how Christians act. If they act judgemental and unloving towards those who are different from them, they will just push people away and won’t change anyone for the better.

      I have realized that what draws people more into Christ is when they see love among Christians, instead of fighting. When they see Christians can have love for those people of the world, and they don’t have to act all superior. They are more willing to listen when we humble ourselves and treat them with love and respect. Everyone wants that. πŸ™‚

      That’s why I try to be so loving. I want people to look at us, see the love, and come to the realization that is exactly who Jesus is: loving and giving, to the point of death, offering hope in such a dark world by sacrificing himself. He offers freedom, redemption, mercy.

      Thank you for reading, I am glad you took the time to. I hope you are inspired and keep coming back, and I will certainly post more pictures. πŸ˜€

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