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My name is Jennifer Clayton, and I live in South Carolina. I moved here a little over 7 years ago, and  before, I lived in North Carolina my entire life. I have a mom, an 12 year old sister, a 20 year old brother, and a step-dad named Steve. I am 19 years old and my birthday is June 19th (1992).

I love all forms of art, and I’m am good at drawing, writing poetry, songs, and stories, singing, dancing, playing keyboard (I’ve barely touched my guitar so far), and anything I pretty much put my hands on. I love to read and want to be a rockstar when I’m older, along with something else–a poet. So whatever I don’t say in my songs I can put in poetry. I have a huge dream to teach the world lessons and morals in this manner, but of course, I wouldn’t want it to be lame. I also want to preach some time in my life. I love all kinds of music, but rock is definately my favorite genre. I listen to all kinds of rock, but I’m a freak for hard rock and any type of metal. I’m an african american, metal freak, and super Jesus freak; fits so perfectly well together. =] Life is great, normally. But lately, it’s been rickity and rocky and just plane difficult to live and to stomach. I’m always working hard, and I’m very truthful, and exceptionally kind and genuine, and that will be easy to see through all that I do.

I love horror movies, suspense, dramas, comedies, anything at any time, but horror is by far my favorite. My favorites that I can recall at the moment are Saw I-V (soon to be I-VI), The Dark Knight, Taken, etc. My favorite shows are House, Sabrina the Teenage Witch (non-cartoon version), The Twilight Zone, Friends, According to Jim, Case Closed, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, etc. My favorite musicians, band or just singer are Korn, Flyleaf, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, The Cure (woohoo! Thanks to some previous summer listening! They rawk!), Fefe Dobson, Regina Spektor, but I also love Blue October, Seether, Blink-182, Coldplay,  Evenescence, Eurythmics, Avril Lavigne, Staind, Buckcherry, Death Cab for Cutie, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fergie, Black Eyed Peas, OutKast, etc. Some books I love are Frankenstein, the Scary Stories Series, Chicken Soup series, etc. I’ll probably add more of my faves later.

I am hardworking, incredibly upbeat and optomistic, smart, beautiful, and quite versatile. I love to try any and everything. I feel pressured to correct the idiotic ways of mankind. Woohoo! 🙂

Anyway, this is about it. Maybe I’ll add more soon. God loves you all!

xoxox Jennifer

Wednesday, June 17, 2009.


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  1. Pamela Walsh Said:

    Dearest Jennifer,

    Your comment on my Six Word blog brought me HERE! Thank you for taking the time to add a note. I had JUST posted that entry on what is really just a blog for me, not one I expect anyone to read. There is a very difficult, sad & stressful situation in my life & I HAVE to keep reminding myself that it truly is out of my hands. I don’t know how you ended up at MY blog, (perhaps a “God thing” 🙂 ) But you truly are your bio … “incredibly upbeat & optimistic, smart, beautiful & quite versatile” I look forward to reading YOUR blog.

    God DOES work in mysterious ways.

    Bless you,


    • deadwednesdays Said:

      Aw, shucks, thanks for the infinitely kind and lovely thoughts and words. I hope to radically- I hope Jesus radically rocks your world and and changes your life only for the very best through me today. Very, very soon. I love you and I strongly feel this is a “God thing” and that he’s really helping me to rock everyones world with this blog. I hope to keep reading your personal thoughts and feelings and leaving you notes on them, because it is important in my spirit for you to know that I care so much. I won’t lie, I even feel awkward saying all that I’m pressured to say, but yes, God always works in mysterious ways. Bless you very, very soon. I’m glad you like me and I think you sound awesome and I hope you keep reading!

  2. Lilies n Stars Said:

    Did u buy the new Flyleaf cd yet? It has changed my life, more than I can explain. I was going through a horrible heartbreak, I bought the cd, and I believe God has used Lacey to speak to me and bring me peace (long story I guess). But I feel His love now and I’ve learned so much in the past week since the cd came out. It’s truly changed my perspective on things- on life, on love, on pretty much everything.
    Anyway, I randomly came across your blog doing a google search about Lacey. If you didn’t get that cd yet, I’d like to send you a check or Paypal you enough money to go buy it. It’s a blessing, YOU are a blessing even though I don’t know you, and if you don’t have it yet, well girl, you need it!
    Feel free to email me back at AdioStar@hotmail.com and let me know.


    • deadwednesdays Said:

      I sent you an email. 🙂 Thank you SO MUCH for the fantastically lovely comment. I’m glad the CD has rocked your world, and better yet, that God is rocking your world. I pray that he blesses you infinitely and leads you in the right direction, and that you live as you should for him.

      You are truly a blessing, too, my friend! Hope to talk to you again very soon!! xox

  3. ceezee Said:

    Hi Jennifer, I actually found your blog though an SAS site. You are a very talented young woman.- Through all that you go through, I am glad that you know to look to the Lord. I hope that now things are going better for you.

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