Bible Study Group

I have a bible study group at my school, T. L. Hanna High School, with my friends Cynthia, Andrea, Kirk, Elizabeth, and me. Cynthia and I thought of it one night while at Fuse (@ NewSpring), and it sounded awesome so we tried it!!

9-4-09: We finally successfully had our first bible study. It was very short, because we’re still trying to break into this new habbit, and it’s a lot harder than it seems because it’s so easy to get distracted in a loud lunch room. We’re reading Daniel and we finished with the 5th verse in chapter 1. Then we discussed what we thought it meant and prayed afterwards. Woohoo!

Between 9-8-09 and 10-27-09: We have worked hard. Sometimes we read things out of the bible or go over what we learned at church on Friday and at church on Sunday. I ask them questions about whether they’ve been saved or not. Kirk went to Fuse at NewSpring on friday and accepted Christ! Hooray! πŸ™‚ Elizabeth brought 2 friends to Fuse and the younger one got saved. I’m praying for the other one! Elizabeth has been going to NewSpring since it started at Anderson Campus, and she was saved years ago. Cynthia is saved and I’m definately saved, lol. I’m not entirely sure about Andrea yet.

We work super hard. Sometimes we pray when we get finished and hug each other, we have become really good friends. I feel good that I was brave enough to leave my other friends for awhile to do something bigger for the name of Christ, and there is nothing really better than that. I’m sure God is helping us move at our table. We try to keep each other strong and we always love each other well. I’m thankful for that because there are too many people who don’t have the kind of love we share. Elizabeth, Kirk, and I start to come earlier to Fuse on friday to read our bible and talk to people. This one godly lady named Judy became a really close pal of ours she influences us and we influenced her. She said she would “walk across the room” and ask this insane Clemson fan if he knows Christ. Just Walk Across the Room is a book that talks about how by taking the initiative, you can lead people to Christ. πŸ™‚ We inspired her to ask, and that’s powerful. Sometimes the study group reads scripture at home and then we share our feelings about it the next day.

10-28-09: Read the beginning of Just Walk Across the Room (buy the book- it’s good! πŸ™‚ ) It was really good and I read it loudly, but the cafeteria was trying to louder.

10-29-09: We went outside and ate and read more of Just Walk Across the Room. It’s super great! We talked to some new friends of ours and hugged them. Haha that’s always great!

Between 10-30-09 and 11-6-09: We’ve continued to read Just Walk Across the Room. and we have a new friend who we hang out with on Friday. We read the bible on Friday at Fuse and then went to the Fuse high school servece.

Want to influence our progress? Pray that we draw more people to join our study group. Pray that Jesus truly rocks people’s worlds and changes them, that he saves them. Help me pray for the people I said I would pray for: -That Judy’s son makes the right choice about his wild fiance and that God would lead him to marry her if he should or lead him to walk away if should: pray he does the right thing.
-That Judy helps lead the Clemson fan to Christ.
-That Kirk’s grandfather’s friend does well (recently came out of hospital)
-That Elizabeth feels better; her blood pressure is acting funny, she feels faint and dizzy, loses weight, and doesn’t know why this is happening
-Pray for the 2 girls (they’re sisters) that Elizabeth brought to Fuse
-Pray for my new friend Chris Jane and his music career and that he walks close with the Lord always
-Pray that Jesus changes and saves you. Are you ready to allow the Lord into your heart, your life? Pray that he saves you- a little faith can help you forever.

Remember: All of this takes place because a small group of people decided to focus more on Jesus for as little as 30 minutes a day. Even the smallest things seem to matter most.

**How to accept Christ into your life:

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