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What Drives Your Life?

I reflect on a quote from Daily Inspiration for the Purpose Driven Life.

“Well-formed love banishes fear. Since fear is crippling, a fearful life—fear of death, fear of judgment—is one not yet fully formed in love.” 1 John 4:18 The Message

This is superb!! Fear is so crippling, and don’t pretend or shy away from that—people fear things every day! Judgment is a huge thing people constantly fear! In the backwards society where people follow the crowd, judgment is a huge thing people fear. People are like this all over the place! Take time to reflect all day on the things that cause you that crippling fear. Even pray that God would lead you and make very clear to you those things. As you come to take notice of them, see how God is missing in that area of your life.

You can’t be fearless, confident, and truly wise, and if you don’t trust God in those areas of which you have fear. Only God can fulfill you and take away such unnecessary fears and every day worries if you trust him.

Before I got saved, I noticed this fear all throughout my life. Fear of people and what they thought of me, thinking I had to put on this fake attitude that truly wasn’t like me. Now I am much less afraid of going after my big dreams because the fears of the world do not control me. I get over fear of judgment easily by realizing that it does not matter how the world judges me; by listening to them and their crappy opinions, I will not be fulfilled and truly succeed in life.

Only when I realized that God is always looking out for my best interest and that he never judges me in unfair ways, only then did I realize that it’s okay to not live like the world does. He is trying to lead me to the most fulfilled, happiest life. Before I met Christ, I listened to people all my life, and they could never lead me to be fulfilled. Now, I am very bold in Christ because he is very bold for me, giving his life so that I may live in true freedom.

You really have to realize that the more you trust in Christ in all areas of your life, the more you feel his love. The more you feel his love and how comforting and strong it is, the less you fear things as the world does. Truly, you need to only fear one thing, and that is the Lord, and through fearing him, he banishes all other fears.

Someone can achieve worldly ‘success’ for a few days, weeks, short years… But you can never reach you full potential without trusting God, letting him take away the unnecessary fears, so you live life more boldly and in a way that’s perfect for you. This is so critical to take into consideration, into your own heart.

Talk About Giving!

Have you ever been asked to give up something, and what you were asked to give up was just too much to give up?

My mom was talking about donating some clothes to Goodwill, and I started thinking about how many clothes I have just lying around, clothes I don’t even wear. I figured it would be a pretty good idea to give some of them away to someone in need.

And giving generally makes me feel happy. As I was going through my clothes, there were some that were pretty easy to give away. There were some that I kinda liked still, but I was giving those away, too. But the more clothes I went through, the harder it was for me to give those away.

For example, I had this speech and debate shirt that said “Hope 4 Haiti” on the front of it. Every time I look at the shirt, I think of my debate class and how difficult it was to get in front of the whole class, overwhelmed with nerves, and debate people over and over again. Each time I debated, it felt like a true accomplishment.

So when I look at the shirt, I love it because I think of the hard work I put into the class, and it means something to me. But I initially decided I was definitely keeping the shirt because of its meaning, and when I was going to put it back in the drawer, I felt God not letting me do so.

Then I thought immediately of Jesus. God the Father gives away his son for the world. It shocked me that I was having such a hard time giving up a shirt, when He freely gave us His Son, purely out of love.

I thought “how do you know you’re going to let your son die- who has done absolutely nothing wrong, ever- and know that he will be abused and beaten and hurt, and are still willing to do it?” I know why- it’s because the Father loved us so much and He wanted us to be free. He wanted to be able to spend time with us. So He gave up His precious child for us.

You can guess that that made me give away that debate shirt. I figured if God can do that for us- I can give away a silly shirt for someone who may really need it. I worked hard for the shirt- Jesus worked hard and was perfect. And He still had to pay the price. Amazing!

There were other shirts I paid for myself, shirts I could still wear and still really liked. I gave some of those away, and it was so hard to because they were perfectly good, useful shirts. But Jesus was perfectly good.

He made no excuses and accepted death, so I made no excuses and gave more stuff away. I was trying to remind myself that God loves us so much more than we could ever truly understand. He gives so much more freely than we ever could, He’s so gracious.

Even Jesus didn’t want to feel pain, but it didn’t change His mind. This is why He is truly my best friend. I love the Son because He chose to be humble, and the Father because He opened His heart first. He knew what his son would suffer through before he sent him into the world, and only love can be the reason for that.

In ways like these, God always blows my mind!!! Don’t ever say that something is ever ‘too much’ to give away.

A poem I wrote, relates to this thingy above:

What is Love

Drifting above a broken land
We messed everything up
And He needs a new plan

What is love
If it’s not taking
What you cherish most
And giving it to someone in need
What is love
If it’s not giving
Away your everything
To someone hurting and empty

Perfection loves
Billions of imperfect people
And His whole heart
Loves our broken hearts

Could you imagine
He’d break His own heart
To watch our hearts heal
Put Himself in pain
So we’d feel a love so real
The heartbeat of His Son
Is bigger than all lives
Living after He died
Wonderful Jesus Christ

What is love
If it isn’t
Helping the helpless
Lighting up hope in the hopeless
By being selfless
What is love
If it isn’t
Being the first to give
If it isn’t
Being gracious enough to die
To let us live

Jesus Fear- Fear is Not Always Hope

Fear in something for the sake of fear alone does not cause your heart to really change at all, it just makes you feel maybe comfortable for awhile, and maybe feel that you could be safer for the time being. But fear in this sense always makes for very weak hope. If you found something else that made you feel this comfort, and allowed you to not even have to worry about a hell at all, would you go for it, would you change your mind about Jesus? Probably always. Your hope wouldn’t always be strong enough to stand with the Lord (Jesus) and you’d never claim that you believe in him if this were the case. Fear being the basis of reasoning in this situation is totally different from hope and complete trust being the basis of reasoning for having your heart really with Jesus Christ. Does that not sound worlds better, having this hardcore, true, very real and complete faith? Faith that is strong in your entire heart often rescues you from weak minded thinking. Fear that is strong in your entire heart causes it all the time- That’s simply the issue with thinking and learning to fear Jesus this way. It’s never good in any sense of the word.

Of course you’re supposed to ‘fear the Lord’ by knowing he is strong and compassionate and can take care of you, even when it means it will cause you pain. You should take comfort in knowing his authenticity in your relationship with him, but you’re never supposed to give up all that you are because you believe he will never accept you like that. The truth is, he has to accept you like that in order for you to actually fear him correctly. Jesus is not fake, he is an actual fire burning on forever and he tries to always do this inside of everyone, but it is impossible when we fear so much we can’t trust that he is totally authentic. And what’s the point of that kind of fear? If you find it impossible to take comfort in your relationship with him, then it’s probably impossible to get into heaven. Comfort in the relationship does not mean that it is necessarily easy at all, it just means your heart is well and you really feel fine about what your fate should be after you die because you love and trust him enough and always have enough faith in him.

He always loves you, and he promises to take care of your heart if you promise to always trust him enough. Enough being you feel that deep inside you can actually get into heaven because his relationship with you is so good, and this is the type of faith found in people that can easily change the world. Like Billy Graham, for instance. I’m just taking a guess, because I don’t even know much about him at all, but from what I’ve heard and from some of the things he’s said, I know his has a genuine part of him always genuinely trusting in the very genuine heart of Jesus Christ. Jesus won’t ever change, he just needs us to trust him enough to be able to actually make some difference in our hearts. He is sweet and trusting, just as we should always be with him. He is completely perfect in every way, and he can rock the world with people who believe in him truly like I do, and he can always change the world with people like me. I’m not really afraid of anything anymore as I once always was, and it’s because I trust him and fear him perfectly, and that’s all. I love you all, and I feel strongly and deeply passionate about anyone who is willing to listen and attempt to understand all that I say, and that’s all I really need to do- Jesus will always take care of the rest. That’s all for now. =)

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Again, I love you all. Take care, everyone! 🙂 Later. Jesus loves you all very, very much, again.