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Don’t Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk!!

It breaks my heart to know that some people think that if they just believe in Jesus, just believe in God, they are doing enough. But it is not just enough to say you believe. When people doubt my faith in Christ, I don’t like to sit there and argue with them. I could argue about my faith all day, win an argument, but by my actions, show that I was lying and that my faith was false.

Like I could convince someone I was sweet and loving and giving, but never give a dime to anyone, never offer help to anyone who needed it, and just be incredibly selfish. Yeah, I won the argument, but that didn’t mean anything.

The same is true with faith in Christ. Anyone can discuss all day how good a Christian they are, but if they say that, and then never do anything to prove that their faith is as great as they claim it is, then as far as I am concerned, their faith is dead.

One thing I learned about being a true Christian, with a truly changed heart for Christ, is that if you love him and have really accepted him as Lord and Savior of your life, putting him first and putting yourself second, you will yearn to do things for him.

Like when you love your husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend, you want to do whatever you can in your own power to make them as happy as possible. You want to buy them gifts and do what they say and shower them with love. Well, Christ is the same way. I know in my life, I love him with every ounce of love in me, and so I constantly desire to pray more, and help others more, and write more about him to affect more people, and to give money in his name, and to trust him, etc.

My actions show that I love him. I work, I go to church and tithe, I sing about him in my music, I draw him in my art, I write about him in my poetry. In doing everything I love to do, I try to make sure he is a part of it. Because I live to glorify him and make his name famous, not mine.

When people question my faith, I don’t argue because I don’t like to talk the talk, I like to walk the walk. By walking and walk, and doing what God tells me to do, people will see what I do and there will be no need to argue. They will see I am truly faithful to God and my faith will affect them in a positive way.

“If one of you says to them, ‘Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

But someone will say, ‘You have faith; I have deeds.’

Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.” James 2:16-18

Faith without works is dead. If you truly believe the message of Christ, and do nothing, how will other people truly believe? Someone had to act to reach out to you, so you could be touched and changed in your heart by the message of the Gospel. They had to ignore doing other things they wanted to do and focus on doing what God wanted them to do, and that was to act on his behalf. And by acting, they introduced many people to Christ, and many people had their lives changed.

To say you believe in Jesus, and then not tell a soul about it or live the way he tells us to, means you are a deadbeat in the body of Christ. If I go out and preach and write more about the powerful turth of the Gospel, more people will change.

I feel like, if we don’t do anything for Christ through our actions, we are just a story in a book, we are just pictures on a page, flat and 2-dimensional. But by committing the words of God to our heart and letting that eventually transform into what we do and how we live, we are no longer a 2-dimensional story, but we are alive..

like instead of watching a movie on a flat screen, we become a live play on a stage, living a life devoted to Jesus on it. The difference between a movie and a play? A story in a book and real life? One is a lot more real, a lot more genuine, personal, reaches people a lot more effectively.

We shouldn’t let the world see us as hypocrites. We should practice what we preach, so when people say crap about us, it won’t be true. We, as the church, should sparkle and shine as the bride of Christ with no blemish, no defect. People should see us and not think we are a bunch of hypocrites and liars, but think, ‘wow, this is an amazing group of loving people with hearts for God, and I want to be a part of it’.

Practice what you preach! Commit the words of the Lord to your heart, and let that transform how you live your life. 🙂

What do I think Jesus wants his followers to do?

Pray; trust him; be obedient; listen to everything he says; love unconditionally, him and everyone else, with every ounce of love in our hearts.

Work hard in his name- meaning in everything we do, we should do it in the name of Christ. Commit to excellence for him, in everything we do, so people will see us and should be blown away with how awesome he is. He wants us to give, be selfless, be humble, be involved with our Christian family, inspring each other.

Always, always, always find ways to improve as a Christian, trust ourselves less and trust him more, never give up, never lose heart, depend on his strength to get us through literally anything and everything. Never get tired of working hard. Hold tight onto the faith. Show our faith is true through our actions!

I’ll admit, I don’t pray nearly enough, I get tired and don’t feel like doing it. I get sick of people from time to time, not feeling like showing them the love I am supposed to show them. But Christ has called us to action. So I will grow from my weakness, and let my actions prove my faith, not my words.

God bless, Jennifer

*Poetry Corner- The Bride of Christ

I want to build up a church
Foundation of Jesus Christ
Growing in strength and size
Through the faithful hearts
Of his saints
I want a church that makes
The name of Jesus famous
One life at a time
The name that matters most
Certainly isn’t mine
I want a church built up on strong faith,
Growing through deliberate action
A church that takes risks in the
Name of Jesus
A church that burns out
The evil flame in Satan’s heart
I want to build a church
That makes larger the kindgom of heaven
And pushes the gates of hell
Closed forever
A church that stands up in the storm
Remaining beautiful and warm
Despite the troubles of the world
A church desperate for the truth of Christ
As his heart makes the word come alive
I want the church
To appear as his flawless, beautiful bride
I want a church
That stands firm in a world of distress
A church where Jesus becomes greater
As we become less
I want to build up the very love of Jesus Christ
To make much larger his glorious, beautiful bride

I love the church. She means everything to Jesus, she means everything to me. The church is the collective people of Christ- all of his faithful Christians. It matters to me that more people are added to their number, and that she appears flawless and perfect before Jesus. The world should also notice her captivating beauty. As a Christian, it is my job to help do just that. It’s every Christian’s job to help do just that.

Good to Trust in Jesus, Accepting Him

“‘I know what I am planning for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I will give you hope and a good future.’” Jeremiah 29:11 NCV

“You, LORD, give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you.” Isaiah 26:3 TEV

“Let’s keep focused on that goal, those of us who want everything God has for us. If any of you have something else in mind, something less than total commitment, God will clear your blurred vision—you’ll see it yet!” Philippians 3:15 The Message

But you must truly believe in Christ in your heart to obtain this the blessings he has stored up for you; he has blessings stored up for each and every one of us. Belief is such a loose word, but that’s a WHOLE DIFFERENT story for another time. To truly accept Christ, you have to believe that he is alive in spirit and around still today to do the things he said and promised he would.

I believe this in my own heart, even more so than the air I breathe—than the sure oxygen that fills my lungs. You must trust him, and through doing so, learn to know him in your heart. You need to confess that Jesus is Lord of your life, realize that he loves you and that he lived for you, died for you, and rose from the grave—so that you might live with him and his father in heaven, in his big house with many rooms, and have eternal life! Realize that by Christ lived the perfect life and sacrificed himself to take away your sins.

If you confess these things, truly believing them in your heart, you will know that you have accepted Christ, and will get into heaven and live with him. Pray for this in your heart, even say it out loud, and Satan and hell will have lost their foothold on your soul. And then, welcome to the new life.

Always feel free to contact me . Or leave a comment if you have questions or anything. 🙂

Check out NewSpring church, which is a place for any and all imperfect people, REGARDLESS OF THEIR PAST!! Everyone is welcomed by the kindness of true children of fricken’ AWESOME JESUS!! You don’t need to be all dressy and can come in casual clothes, and you can actually understand what the preachers are preaching about. It’s a very much home away from home feel, and it is really quite enjoyable. It’s the way church needs to be, for there to be any life change (and there is here, all the time!).

The site is here: Check the site for info on locations ( If you don’t live near one currently, watch videos on the web campus, visit the senior pastor’s blog:, which is packed with loads of useful info, and get in touch with people who attend this church.

Christian Websites!!

Christ’s Beautiful Church Should Make You Feel Beautiful

I went to church today at Electric City Fellowship. I don’t go to NewSpring as much as I used to. Both are very good churches, and I can definately tell that Jesus is at work at both places- changing people’s hearts, affecting people, causing his beloved church to grow.

At Electric City Fellowship, I grow spiritually like I never thought possible. It once seemed like you just go to church and just get what you can out of it- I always knew that other people’s hearts would change, and God would make church seem awesome to them. I’ve always liked church and wanted to be involved, but only at ECF did I experience what I think church should truly feel like.

At other churches, I would feel like God is working in the preacher’s life and in some people’s life radically; and in my heart, that’s was it seemed that I was forced to accept. I kind of hated that because I always wanted to feel so much closer to Jesus at church than I did. But know matter how much faith I had, how much I prayed, no matter what I did, it seemed like he would just decide when the time was right to spend time with me. But at ECF, it feels like he is walking next to me, holding my hand; like the Holy Spirit is talking to me, healing my heart, discipling me, hugging me; like I am unbelievably involved with the message of God.

Church shouldn’t just feel like a place you go just to hang out; you should never feel like you are ‘just there’. You should pick a church in which you grow spiritually, feel truly connected to Jesus, and can really get involved. You really should be in love with the church you go to; if you are not, you should really consider going to another church. It is so crucial to feel like you belong to the community and that you feel fulfilled at the end of the service; like you can tell God is moving and doing a work in you and around you. You should do something if you feel nothing all the years you are there.

It was a really eye opening experience going to another church. Different churchers are for different people. I used to go to NewSpring all the time- and it is an incredible, life changing and amazing church. Thousands of members, and people obviously feel connected to Christ. But it’s not for me. It’s not that it’s not good, but I truly feel that different churches are for different people. My heart is designed differently than the next person, so they may love NewSpring, but I love Electric City Fellowship.

At NewSpring, it feels like I already know what the preacher is talking about. Every time, it seems like other people are learning, but maybe I’ve just grown much more spiritually than some people. However, at ECF, every week it is something new. I feel invigorated, refreshed, like Jesus is standing next to me.

I went to NewSpring for months and feel like I plateaued in my faith. Other people grow immensely and have their worlds rocked by Christ. But that’s because NewSpring is for them more than it is for me. But when I went to ECF for even just a couple weeks, I was so in love with that church and I felt closer to Christ than I ever felt in my life. ECF has around a 100 people, but it’s the kind of church designed for me.

The church- which is the collective body of Christ, all the Christians in the world together as one- the church is the beautiful, wonderful bride of Christ. And at ECF, I felt like I was in that romantic relationship with Christ, like I was truly part of the bride, part of the church. I felt like he wanted a personal relationship with me and that he wanted to love me, lead me, teach me, etc. It was amazing. I never quite felt that at NewSpring, but I can name 10 people off the top of my head who could probably say that about NewSpring.

The point of this post is this: Don’t choose a church simply because it’s popular, or simply because someone says you should go there. See for yourself how good the church is, and really give it a chance; but if you don’t grow in your walk with Christ or just don’t feel connected to the message, pray about it, and then move on to another church.

You’re more likely to listen to a preacher if you feel really in love with the church and the environment. You’re more likely to take in what you hear and much more likely to apply it; more likely get involved with the church and more likely to tell people about the church.

Someone once tried to convince me that I should stay at NewSpring, that God probably wants me at this particular church. But that’s not necessarily true. What he wants is me to grow in my walk with him, he wants me to feel closer to him and have a better relationship with him. If I can’t get it at one church, I’ll go to another. But pick somewhere you love, so you really can feel free and incredible in your church. Just because your family likes a certain place, doesn’t mean you necessarily have to.

As I said, sometimes, you just have to pray about it, and move on.

But again, ECF and NewSpring are both quite incredible, making the name of Jesus famous. They are working hard and are active churches. There are plenty of good churches all over the place, but these are the main two I have experience with. So just go check out different places, until you pick the one where you feel closest to Jesus. 🙂

So check out these churches!!

Electric City Fellowship!


REVO Church!

Just a few good churches I truly believe in!! Enjoy.

-Jennifer Clayton xox