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Tips for College Graduates

Hey guys! I recently graduated from college, and it is a very difficult transition. You go from having to work constantly, struggling to meet deadlines, finish projects and preparing presentations, to having a seemingly endless amount of free time. While in class, everyone would complain about how tough it was. I always wished it was just a little less stressful, a little more bearable. But I did not want my schedule completely wiped out, filled with tons of time. Some days I feel stressed, lonely, bored. Some days, I have a lot of fun. One of my Facebook friends who just graduated with me posts motivational stuff for everyone. She talks about how some days are good and some are hard, but that it is important to take it one day at a time.

            I’ve only been out of school a few weeks, but there are a few valuable things I have learned so far:

  1. Prioritize your time. Even if you don’t have a lot to do, make a list of all the things you plan to do that day, and then do them. Even if it is simply running a few errands, cleaning house, working on a resume. Before I did this, I did not know how much time to allot to each project, and I ended up focusing on the wrong things. I have since made a list of all my activities, prioritizing them from most important to least.
  2. Give yourself time to relax. I am an extremely goal oriented person, so my first objective when I got out of school was to get a job. I already have a job at Chick-fil-a, but I wanted a grown up job, where I could really start saving for my future. But I quickly found out that I was working just as hard out of school as I was when I was in school, and winded up exhausted. Even when you are eager to please your parents, realize that you have worked so hard and accomplished so much. Reward yourself by giving yourself a little break.
  3. While in college, it was good to have a part-time job. I’ve been working at Chick-fil-a for over 4 years, since I was in high school. I still work there as a college graduate. When my life suddenly emptied up, having a job that I was familiar with helped to keep me from being depressed. I got to see familiar faces and maintain some sort of a routine.
  4. When you start looking for a job, be diligent, patient, confident, and don’t be overcome with worry! Find friends who are doing the same thing, and talk with them about their progress. Don’t give up if you have a few bad days. Find people who will motivate you. It may take awhile, but that is ok! Anything worth having is worth working hard to find.


Here are some valuable resources that I have found; feel free to check them out!

Tips for college grads:

On Excellence part 7

We need to humble ourselves and put Jesus first in what we do, make him priority. It is so easy to say you follow Jesus and say you listen to him, but then spend so much time doing things that only make ourselves seem greater, and then we ignore him. We start to get really selfish and only care about ourselves and the desires of our hearts.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday, like through Facebook and Twitter and texting and everything else. We get caught up in this world of noise, and we can’t hear God speak to us anymore. We have to learn to step back and take a break from that. Quiet our own desires and our own heart and the world around us. Listen for Jesus’ voice, listen with our hearts.

We can hear him if we just turn the sound of our own world down. This is how we make him priority. Listen to him before you go on in your day, doing whatever you want. In the morning, spend time in the word and in prayer, asking him what he wants you to do in the course of the day. Do this with no distractions. This is making him priority.

A lot of times, people fast by not eating, so they can be closer to God, so they can spend that time in prayer or studying the bible or doing something that will bring them closer to him. Who says the only way to fast is by not eating food? My friend said she made herself give up Facebook for a short while, so she could quiet her world and be more close to God. We can give up things that distract us from spending time with the Lord. It doesn’t have to be permanent. It doesn’t have to last forever, but just for a little while.

Maybe instead of texting for one hour, you could use that time to catch up on reading the bible. God sees it when we go out of our way to spend time with him. That’s what he wants, our attention, our hearts. This whole thing about quieting the noise in our lives has to do with putting the Lord first. He put us first when he died for us; his father put us first by giving up the one he loved most, because he also loved us.

I won’t insult him by saying that hanging out with my friends all the time or shopping or tweeting is more important that the love he has shown me. I will humble myself. Christ is king of the universe and even he humbled himself.

On Excellence part 6

At Chick-fil-A, we have something called the ‘core 4’, which is the way we approach and take care of each customer. They are enthusiastic tone, enthusiastic smile, emotional connection, and eye contact. We are expected to connect emotionally to people, make them feel important and wanted, even when they are having a bad day or something bad is going on in their world. We have to overcome their obstacles and still reach them.

This is a message that Jesus has for the world! When others are struggling, we are supposed to tell them about the strength in Christ and how he looks after them if they would just trust him. I live every day like this. There is always something awful happening in my world, and all I can do is learn to trust Jesus. I find a sense of calmness in the chaos of this world by doing so. I am certain that He guides me where I need to go. He will guide everyone where they need to go. He overcomes our obstacles to take care of us.

At work, we get fussed at if we don’t do things right; if we mess up orders or don’t pay attention to customers. Even managers get fussed at by the boss, because they have to still continue to improve. We are constantly told to take better care of the customers, and we should constantly strive to take care of our brothers and sisters in Christ, and also those not yet in Christ.

We have to buckle down and get into the word, and see how Jesus lived. We have to shape our hearts until our character reflects his better. Then we have to continue to shape it until it goes from better, to the best it possibly can be. And then it still needs to be better (you thought you were done, didn’t you?). But in fact, we are never ‘good enough’; as in we have to improve to be like Christ all our lives and never stop trying to improve, because we cannot be perfect, so there is always room from improvement. Even the best Christians have room for improvement.

Managers that have worked at Chick-fil-A for years are not perfect and continue to improve. We have to encourage one another to spend time in prayer and in the word and with fellow Christians, so we can grow in Christ. Each day we should find a way to walk and be a little closer to Jesus.

On Excellence part 5

At Chick-fil-A, we have a few meetings throughout the year.

At a meeting one time, the boss, Jon, was talking about how we are supposed to be better than the competition. He talked about a book called “You Can’t Send a Duck to Eagle School”. He said we were eagles, and that he would not have hired us if we were ducks. We have to quit acting like ducks. We need to soar high above others.

I feel we should be the same as Christians. We have to outshine the world, so that others will see us and want to be like us. When I say “outshine the world”, I don’t mean become obsessed with the things the world is obsessed with, like fame for ourselves and power and money- I don’t mean shine brighter that way.

I mean shine brighter in love. Where someone else might act cold towards one, we should treat them with love and integrity. Where someone of the world might choose to ignore someone, we should choose to invest time and energy into every person we come across. We shine brighter as Christians by being more like Christ. We become more like Christ by loving each other with all our hearts, because Jesus loved us with all his heart. That means helping people when they are in need. It means talking about Jesus, and also being about him in all we do.

Our lifestyles should reflect what the Gospels teach. In becoming more like Christ- more selfless and giving and always doing things to draw people into Christ- we shine brightly. If we would get our hearts to be more like Jesus’ heart, and learn to deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow him- the world won’t look at us as greedy or hypocrites or liars. They will see love and breathtaking beauty and that is who I see Christ as: breathtakingly beautiful, and I want others to see him that way, by transforming my heart to be more like His heart. I know I am accomplishing this.

One time, I poured my heart out to God in a poem. I wrote this detailed imagery about the urgency of bringing people to Christ, and I shared it with some people on this website. I was so heartbroken because of so much joy, due to what one person had said. He said he was a flaming atheist and that he thought the poem was amazing. This is how people should see us. Even if they already have negative feelings toward us, we should still be able to affect them and change them little by little. People should see us collectively as the beautiful bride of Christ. This is my mission. This is our mission.

Sponsoring a Child Confusion

This won’t be a very fun post. I remember in December of last year, I was considering sponsoring a child. I really did want to, with all my heart, and I still really want to.

I was praying about it, and God didn’t respond to me. However, I know I can afford to do it, and I know I have the time and energy to write letters to the child.

It’s just that something was holding me back. Right now, in my walk with God, I feel very unstable in some areas. And it bothered me so much, thinking I have so much to improve on, I didn’t feel like I was really in the right place.

I still have the idea in my heart, and I will keep considering it, until I finally get to the right place to do it. I would feel so weird trying to help this child when I often feel like I can’t even help myself.

Any thoughts? I really have no one to help me with my decision, and I feel bad about it, but I feel it would be better for my heart and the for the child if I waited. Like I don’t want to be really angry at God one day, and then still trying to tell the child how God is so loving.

I know I am bound to get angry at him from time to time, regardless of what I do, but I am way uncomfortable.

I don’t know. Sometimes, God calls us to be uncomfortable, for the sake of his Kingdom. I don’t truly know what the right answer is, I just know I am trying to do the right thing, whatever that may be.

Please pray for me.


Happy Thanksgiving! What Are You Thankful For?

I am thankful for each breath I take, each move I make. I am thankful that Jesus loves me despite my flaws, despite when I am furious with him. I am thankful for friends when I am lonely. I am thankful for my mom and dad and sister and brother. I am thankful that Jesus lived and died for me.

I am thankful that every time I cry, soon afterward, I always find a reason to smile. I am thankful for my magnificent strength in Christ- like Paul! lol Thankful for my flaws, in that I can grow from them. I am thankful for living in America, where I could be some starving kid elsewhere.

Thankful that I have grace in hard times, thankful for having Christ’s humility in me, in a world surrounded by arrogance. Thankful for peace and freedom and love and joy. I am thankful for growing closer to God. Thankful that he is closer and closer to me all the time, how he refuses to let me go, even when I push him away.

I am thankful for life. Thankful for the roof over my head, the food in my belly. Thankful for my talents, thankful to know I am getting into heaven when I die. I am thankful for finding a wonderful church and wonderful job.

Yeah, I am in emotional pain all the time, but I am growing from it. Life isn’t perfect, but goodness, the circumstances could be so much worse. What are you thankful for? We often take things for granted: living where we live, having what we have, knowing who we know. But we should all be thankful for something.

The bible says:

“Instead, be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Ephesians 5:18-20

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” 1 Chronicles 16:34

“The trumpeters and musicians joined in unison to give praise and thanks to the LORD. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals and other instruments, the singers raised their voices in praise to the LORD and sang: ‘He is good; his love endures forever.’ Then the temple of the LORD was filled with the cloud,” 2 Chronicles 5:13

Comment on what you are thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

Genuine Fire for Christ in Me

I’m not going to lie, life is hard.

God is messing with my head, playing with my thoughts. He keeps on testing me and making me feel all crazy, and though I can’t stand it now, I know in the end, it’s all for his glory, and that makes me feel awesome though I feel totally sh*tty sometimes, lol, and excuse my language, but I’m being totally serious. I love the Lord, but he can be so intense and seemingly irrational and seemingly mean and seemingly really awful. The seeminglies symbolize that he may seem that way at different points during your walk with him, but he never really is. If anything, we are truly the ones like that. Now God is quite outrageous and unbelievable. It always breaks my heart that he is so awesome and people don’t even believe in him. Truly, he’s like an angel while everyone else thinks he’s an ant; He’s like a soul singing a heavenly song while the world frowns at him, and it pisses me off. What has he done wrong? Satan has terribly distorted God’s word and God’s utter truths and we walk around confused and upside down with Satan’s foot on our back as he holds us to the ground. The world must learn
to see God just as I see God- I have to kick Satan’s… uhh, behind, lol. Haha, wow, I can be funny sometimes. =P But God is like stars glittering in the sky and Satan is like dung falling out of a gross animal’s bottom. The world is kind of the same as Satan, because we all cling to sin as if we are holding on to it for dear life, and it’s so hard for God to break through our connection with it because we are sin ourselves, even in our mother’s womb we were enemies of God, and he spends so much time trying to change that. It’s just hard for him, and so he’s going to reveal his glory through me by showing me how difficult his life is as he chases constantly after our pathetic and totally needy souls. He lets me feel pain like he feels pain to teach me, so that I can teach the world his truth in the most effective way possible. God may not always be fun, but he’s always some kind of wonderful. He may not make me happy often, but he can overwhelm me so easily with joy. He may attempt to knock me down like people attempt to knock him down, but because I am always aware that he is truly with me, it is okay. It’s never fun to be hurt, but I’m sure it will be fun for me to see his glory shining throughout the entire world, once he allows me to really change the world and where we are all headed.

Atheists and agnostic individuals and broken people and broken faiths is what this world is made of. I know people constantly attempt to shove me down because I’m a God follower, a Jesus Freak, a wacky individual full of religion, but even as God puts me through constant crap and pushes me over and over again, I refuse to give up on him and his awesome religion, because it’s the only one that matters. There are people with theological questions and questions about scientific evidence and all kinds of questions, and I guarantee that if it’s not one doubt, it’s 10 other ones… and truly, it’s just in our sinful nature to doubt God and always turn from him. God is fun, really. He can be like lighting a match on a crazy bomb full of excitement inside your heart, or he can be totally dreadful, but whatever he puts us through, he has rich and wonderful plans for all of his faithful people. You can never know exactly what his plan for you is, so all you can do is follow him and trust him as faithfully and as much as you possibly can. Hey, sometimes his plan is to kill you with some kind of sickness, or to let you fail and cringe and be in a lot of pain, and even though that’s super scary, it’s always for the sake of his glory. He will always use you for his glory if you trust him, and sometimes, even when you refuse to. He can allow you to get married and live a wonderful life and have wonderful children, or he can cause you to lose your job, but if these things can seem to happen without him anyway just because that’s the way the world is, then isn’t it comforting to know that with him, at least you know you will be okay because you will spend eternity in heaven with him? There’s nothing better than that! With him, in a way, you are allowed to take all the awful circumstances you are dealt in this world and have at least a tiny bit of relief knowing God is protecting you and watching over you, even when it doesn’t seem like it. You can’t see with his eyes and know his plans, so you can’t really judge him and blow him off because you don’t think he’s doing what he should be doing. If you are constantly angry with him because with his control over your life, some bad things seem to be happening, then you are actually the one doing what you should not be doing. God has totally embarrassed me for the sake of his glory, so even though it was humiliating, I’m somehow okay with it since I know he will do wonderful things with my powerful and outrageous faith for him in the end, and that’s what I’m always looking forward to. Never give up on God, because he’d never dare give up on you, even when people constantly forsake him for the stupidest and most ludicrous of reasons. He will take care of you in the best way possible, in ways you can never really imagine because he is so great and awesome, even when it feels like he won’t or he’s not. He’s not stupid, and he’s at least 1000 times smarter than you. Lol, he’s infinitely smarter than you, and I will always take comfort in that, coupled with knowing that he is kind and sincere and compassionate and loves his people very, very, very, very much. I’m only 17 and I know this because he has ROCKED MY WORLD SO AWESOMELY! I mean, LOOK AT ME!!

What kind of 17 year old talks as eloquently as I do about Jesus, especially going through all the crap I’m constantly going through? Especially as my world seems to constantly fall apart? I barely enjoy church anymore because God is making my experience feel kind of awful so that his glory will shine through me. I don’t care if I have to feel like crap day in and day out for a long time if it means that God will change the world with my unbreakable faith.

I’m here to lead the broken world to Jesus, and absolutely nothing short of that. One day, in my room, I was thinking what I would do after I accomplish my career as a musician of some kind and after I sing and write my poetry and books and stuff (yeah, I’m a total art nut), and he put in my heart that I would preach. Woohoo! There’s nothing really better than that that you can do for God… though truly, we are all preachers of the gospel just by spreading his word and continuing to grow stronger in our faith with him. He’s so totally awesome. I don’t care that I get embarrassed sometimes because God makes me look silly for various reasons. Dang it, I know it’s always totally worth it in the end. 🙂
Love you like crazy, Jesus Christ!!!

P.S. The AWESOOOME church I attend is NewSpring, lead by pastor Perry Noble, check out Perry’s cool blog and the NewSpring site to watch totally awesome videos, duuude. Lol, haha, but yeah, watch them! ‘Kay I’m being kind of silly. =P But really, please watch them!! Check out Brad Cooper’s Blog for NewSpring students, and check out The Chill which is the totally awesome Christian thingy taking place at my school. You won’t regret looking at any of these links… well, at least in the long run! Haha, have a rockin’ week peeps.

Love ya all like crazy, like Jesus loves me… well, of course, less than that, but still. 😉

Jesus Fear- Fear is Not Always Hope

Fear in something for the sake of fear alone does not cause your heart to really change at all, it just makes you feel maybe comfortable for awhile, and maybe feel that you could be safer for the time being. But fear in this sense always makes for very weak hope. If you found something else that made you feel this comfort, and allowed you to not even have to worry about a hell at all, would you go for it, would you change your mind about Jesus? Probably always. Your hope wouldn’t always be strong enough to stand with the Lord (Jesus) and you’d never claim that you believe in him if this were the case. Fear being the basis of reasoning in this situation is totally different from hope and complete trust being the basis of reasoning for having your heart really with Jesus Christ. Does that not sound worlds better, having this hardcore, true, very real and complete faith? Faith that is strong in your entire heart often rescues you from weak minded thinking. Fear that is strong in your entire heart causes it all the time- That’s simply the issue with thinking and learning to fear Jesus this way. It’s never good in any sense of the word.

Of course you’re supposed to ‘fear the Lord’ by knowing he is strong and compassionate and can take care of you, even when it means it will cause you pain. You should take comfort in knowing his authenticity in your relationship with him, but you’re never supposed to give up all that you are because you believe he will never accept you like that. The truth is, he has to accept you like that in order for you to actually fear him correctly. Jesus is not fake, he is an actual fire burning on forever and he tries to always do this inside of everyone, but it is impossible when we fear so much we can’t trust that he is totally authentic. And what’s the point of that kind of fear? If you find it impossible to take comfort in your relationship with him, then it’s probably impossible to get into heaven. Comfort in the relationship does not mean that it is necessarily easy at all, it just means your heart is well and you really feel fine about what your fate should be after you die because you love and trust him enough and always have enough faith in him.

He always loves you, and he promises to take care of your heart if you promise to always trust him enough. Enough being you feel that deep inside you can actually get into heaven because his relationship with you is so good, and this is the type of faith found in people that can easily change the world. Like Billy Graham, for instance. I’m just taking a guess, because I don’t even know much about him at all, but from what I’ve heard and from some of the things he’s said, I know his has a genuine part of him always genuinely trusting in the very genuine heart of Jesus Christ. Jesus won’t ever change, he just needs us to trust him enough to be able to actually make some difference in our hearts. He is sweet and trusting, just as we should always be with him. He is completely perfect in every way, and he can rock the world with people who believe in him truly like I do, and he can always change the world with people like me. I’m not really afraid of anything anymore as I once always was, and it’s because I trust him and fear him perfectly, and that’s all. I love you all, and I feel strongly and deeply passionate about anyone who is willing to listen and attempt to understand all that I say, and that’s all I really need to do- Jesus will always take care of the rest. That’s all for now. =)

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Again, I love you all. Take care, everyone! 🙂 Later. Jesus loves you all very, very much, again.

Basic Christian Info.

This is just basic background info about Christianity, and what I think it is all about.

Christianity to me is about following Christ. I guess there are really tons of different definitions of it, and a lot of denominations within it, and a lot of denominations that seem close to it. To me, none of these different classes are the most important part of the religion. Christianity is meant to be about realizing that Jesus Christ came to the world, not to judge it and send us all to hell, for none of us are perfect, but to pay for all of our sins by being our sacrifice by dying on the cross. He set an example of how we should be while he was living on earth for 33 years, and then he finally was murdered on a cross and was successful in saving us all. Since he was perfect through his entire life and did not sin, he was capable of saving all of us. Because everyone else in the world cannot manage to never sin as he did, we were and are not capable of rescuing our own selves from what we all deserve for the sins we commit, hell, and that truly is all we deserve, but God has mercy on us. So now if we truly have him in our heart before we die, when we are judged by God, we can make it to heaven, but most people don’t realize that you cannot ever have a possibility of getting into heaven with knowing Jesus, because he is the only way to reach the Father, and he is the pathway from earth to heaven; without Jesus, there is no pathway. So we are incredibly fortunate, even in an overly broken world.

I say all this to get to the point that in order to know Jesus, you have to confess in your heart that you are a sinner and that Jesus died on a cross and rose from the grave so that we may be saved, and you have to make him Lord of your life, and you really have to submit to him. It is important to realize that he is sovereign and above all, and that he can see all we cannot see and do all we cannot do, and know all we are incapable of fully knowing. It’s important to know he is full of love, grace, and compassion, but he is also outrageous and does not put up with crap. Truly, he does, because he seeks our hearts day after day, and we are not good and are only inclined to sin and have been enemies of God since we were in our mother’s womb, and putting up with us is really the hardest thing ever to do, but he does not put up with people putting others before him who are not perfect and are not truly the one and only God, and he despises all these idles, and he hates that we sin, because it is so bad for us, though he does not hate us, and he hates when people do not remain faithful to him, because clearly he is the best thing that could ever happen to any of us, by far, and he has always remained faithful to us, even as we as a whole fall farther and farther away from him. How do we know this? Because he chases after us all the time and he is never not at work seeking our hearts, even though we never realize that he works so hard to get us to him. It’s important to know that we, as his people, us Christians, are his plan A to reach and change the world, and there is no plan B. That tells us that we have such an incredible responsibility handed to us, and we cannot change that, and it also tells us that since the world does not know God and treats him worse than anything else in the world, his people are definitely screwing everything up, though truthfully, it is not easy to change a world so volatile and that so often scoffs at the name of God. But there are few individuals, like myself, who dedicate themselves to changing this crappy statistic we have, and this god awful reputation we have really EARNED for ourselves.

To my next point: In order to know Jesus, you have to have an actual change in your heart, and it is when you, in your own heart, put your full trust in him and what he does, and you allow him to lead you wherever he needs you to go; it is really about giving up complete control and giving it all to him, for he is able to move and make a difference when he leads. After all, he is the perfect one, not us. You can’t just pray a prayer or say words, because empty words do not save you. Faith that is true and genuine, like the sun in the sky, like the air we breathe, is what allows us to really call out to him and draws him into us so he can answer us. He doesn’t just listen for people who say words, for he judges the heart, and not the exterior, as the world does. He’s a sweetheart, when you really know him, even if he does things or says things you don’t want to hear, because he is always looking out for our very best interest, and our very best interest is always him, so listen to him!
Christians in today’s world are full of crap. They are hypocrites, liars, and sin; even if they try to disguise that by claiming they know the Lord (putting lipstick on a pig does not make it not a pig :)). I’m sure that most Christians don’t know God like they should know him, and this is why we get nowhere. It’s hard to know how you’re supposed to know him because the world is stupid and gets so lost so easily without him. When you say screw him, as many people do, and you don’t let him lead your life anymore, he will always want you to put him first and will still reach out for you, but he will not beg you because he has a breaking point, just as everyone else does. He’s not some alien who doesn’t understand or can relate to our world- why would we go to him if he really didn’t understand us? Why would he be able to capture certain individuals’ hearts they way he can? So he breaks, but if you ask for forgiveness, remember he is always a forgiving God, and he can take care of all sorts of sins. Did he not pay for them all? He forgives, but even with forgiveness, you must realize you need to try to get back on the right track and to not keep doing the thing you have to ask for forgiveness for. People never work nearly as hard as God does, and really, in comparison, we sleep all our lives while he is wide awake running around the world trying to get people to him.

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One more point. God is genuine, and he has a heart, just like everyone else. If you laugh at his ways or scoff him or get really angry at him, he feels that. He feels it when we turn away from him and when we refuse to listen to him. He knows it when we’re sad and broken, and he is always capable of healing us. He is astounding and incredibly bizarre, but he does have feelings that are tender and true and he is sensitive to all that we do, and all that we say. He gets angry when he is ignored and disobeyed, and gets tired of dealing with a world that refuses to turn to him. He is hurt when people die and don’t know him, and that’s basically the entire frickin’ planet. Ugh. We’ve got A LOT of changing to do. So that’s what I’m here for; to tell this tell of God and Jesus Christ, because really, Christianity is his story, and everything in it is his story, and he is the only hero in this (true!) tale. I’m here to attempt to change lives and to tell the world about him. And even as I go through really difficult times, I know and am conditioned to never ever turn from him, no matter how much pain I go through and no matter how difficult it is, because he is always there for me, and wants me to be there for him, and so really, who am I not to listen? I’m only here to lead people in the right direction, and not to be counterproductive. Thank you. 🙂

Calling All Christians. Yikes.

Well, I guess this will be some christian type blog, because I’ve been longing to make one. It’s to attempt to make clearer how christians should really act, and destroy all their poor views and bad attitudes about the subject. It is to have a place where christians can visit and improve themselves spiritually, and enjoy themselves. It’s not meant to be boring and “churchy” sounding, and it will make sense because I will say it in a language that people can actually understand, and grow from. It’s hard to grow from something that’s hard to apply, and things are hard to apply because sometimes, they are hard to understand. So I’m going to attempt to help these lost people out. And maybe convert some nonbelievers. I guess we’ll see. I’m so pysched!

Just remember, I am A-typical, and not ordinary in the least. Enjoy! 🙂

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