My Art

This is art that I, Jennifer Clayton, have made. Some of it is about God, some of it isn’t necessarily. Hopefully, I can use all of it to help reach people and spread the message about Jesus! These are all thumbnails. Click on the image to see the actual size. Some of it is really old, while some are very recent. Enjoy!

I would like to mention NeonDragonArt because most of what I’ve made here I made using the art program on this site. Go to the link and click on public drawing boards to check out what others have drawn. You can click on draw from the top of that page and start drawing, too! Some of what I have drawn took 2 hours, some up to 10 hours. But I LOVE to draw. 🙂

Art About God
Jesus Christ

God's heart, My heartLacey MosleyAtypical Jesus BannerAtypical Jesus Banner 02
These are Christmas Cards I made for several friends. The picture is the front of one card and the words next to that picture is what the person sees as they open the card. I made 7 cards, and they took all afternoon and all evening to do. They were worth it, though!
Christine Card FrontChristine Card Inside Faydra Card FrontFaydra Card InsideNatalie Card FrontNatalie Card InsideNisha Card FrontNisha Card InsideLuke Card FrontLuke Card InsideKrystal Card FrontKrystal Card InsideBrittany Card FrontBrittany Card Inside

Other Art
Jonathan Davis 01Jonathan Davis 02Couple in BallroomRobert SmithRegina SpektorRainbowGirl ScribbleElegant Black and White AngelMarina Z. Birthday PictureJacoby Shaddix BirthdayPart of MeOcean, Island, and SunsetTuf-Kat BannerGuy with black makeupGirl swingingGrey world, red roseMorbid Dollies!Angel in HellAngel Going to HeavenHeart Jumped OutAngel with Crazy HairA CoupleGirl with Ribbons in Hair and HeartsFlowerGirl with Red HairBunny with No Eyes!Girl with No EyesMy ImaginationPirate FishMorbid LadyMy Character named Swirl


  1. Jazlynn Said:

    I LOVE your drawings of Jonathan Davis! He’s awesome.

    • deadwednesdays Said:

      Thank you so much!! I love JD, too. 😀 Korn is definately my fave band.

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