Prayer Wall

Silence the world. Let your hearts speak. What do you pray for? What are you dreams?

On this page, leave comments about whatever is troubling you, and I will pray about it for you. I will pray multiple times. We do this in bible class. The teachers asks people if they have anything going on in their life that they need to be prayed for- someone is sick, got in a carcrash, etc- and then he prays for them. He does this at the beginning of every class.

Well, here is my prayer wall. Write your prayer on the wall, and I will pray over it again and again. Also, if anything in your life clears up, feel free to tell me about it. So if someone was sick, you can write it down. If they get better, feel free to post that. Then I can take down those old prayers that we don’t need and we can give someone else space.

I do ask one thing of you, if you decide to write a prayer. Pray for at least one other person who has written on the wall. Because then they get prayer from multiple people, and then the prayers would be more effective. So if you need to be prayed for, pray for someone else here.

This is how we well help each other and take care of each other. I pray that peace comes to all of your lives. Just leave a comment when you are ready to pray.


  1. deadwednesdays Said:

    I guess I’ll start first, then. I’ll come back and remember the things I need to pray about, while I also pray for others.

    My grandma- she’s been sickly, and having a hard time of taking care of herself, having enough money, keeping her house clean enough to live in.

    This blog- I need to keep reaching people for Christ, changing hearts, helping people grow. Need more people to visit

    Samaritan’s Purse- I donate to this orginzation, they give people things they need like clothes and food, but also tell them about the love of Christ. I pray that all my money help advances the gospel there.

    Me- that Christ’s does a good work in my life, help me inspire my Christian family, and also non-Christians, and vice versa

  2. son Said:

    I pray the Sons of God will manifest more rapidly and spread the Word followed by the signs and wonders of Mark 16:17-18

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