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*Poetry Corner- “Forever Etched in His Memory”

“There are people that believe a photo
Captures your soul
For them this is a terrible thing
For me, it’s one last chance”

A Softer World (

This quote really gives me chills. Everyone acts like it so horrible to submit to Jesus because they want to live their own lives, live their own dreams. They don’t want him to ‘capture their souls within photographs.’ But the reason why I submitted to him was becase I finally realized that if I don’t, and he doesn’t ‘save me in his photographs’, my soul will fade away, anyway. I don’t rescue it by resisting him; I merely aid in it’s quick fading away. I came to the realization that he truly was my one last chance.

It’s really just a metaphor. When I say “we need let him take our pictures, capture our souls within photographs,” I am merely saying that we need to trust him more than we trust ourselves.

(I don’t actually mean Jesus literally runs around, freaking people out, trying to take pictures of them. That would make for a very freaky and interesting day.)

When we trust ourselves to make it through this life on our own, we are trying to depend on our own strength, take care of our own souls. But only Jesus can really take care of our souls, if we let him. If we trust him to rescue us. If we let him lead us, let him be Lord and Savior. Admit to our faults and let him make us whole. His dreams for us our bigger than our dreams for us.

He ‘captures our souls in photos’, so we don’t waste our time, trying to lead ourselves, living a life that only leads to spiritual death. Leading a life that is incredibly unfulfilling, in the end. He allows us to live fulfilling lives through him, and then we make it to heaven, and this is how we live forever, ‘in his photographs.’

Forever Etched in His Memory

Soul evaporating
Days go by
The sun rises and sets
Grey enters the sky
I walk on daffodils in fairytales
But still I feel myself
Drifting away

Blue skys with yellow beams of light
Picturesque and bright
Melt into black
Not enough time to even look back
And I feel these final breaths of mine
Slipping away

Gripping a camera
In my hands
I can stand here
In a fading land
Or reserve what’s left of my fleeting soul
Putting delicate memories on hold
Frustration, my tears, all of my laughs
Locked within this photograph
I have the key to put them away
What to choose?
One fleeting day
Or forever etched in a memory

My soul is growing cold
Lost in all the decadance
I’d like to linger around
Just one last chance, one last chance

When we have life
Without the footprints of Jesus in our hearts
We can’t shine forever
While our worlds grow dark
It’s just a fleeting day,
A fairytale world always fading gray
A final breath you try to hold on to
That keeps, somehow, slipping away

I choose
The Camera of God
Capture a fleeting soul
Forever etched in His memory

Now along the shore of my heart
I see my second chance:
The footprints of Jesus
Lie forever in the sand

copyright Jennifer Clayton