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Tips for College Graduates

Hey guys! I recently graduated from college, and it is a very difficult transition. You go from having to work constantly, struggling to meet deadlines, finish projects and preparing presentations, to having a seemingly endless amount of free time. While in class, everyone would complain about how tough it was. I always wished it was just a little less stressful, a little more bearable. But I did not want my schedule completely wiped out, filled with tons of time. Some days I feel stressed, lonely, bored. Some days, I have a lot of fun. One of my Facebook friends who just graduated with me posts motivational stuff for everyone. She talks about how some days are good and some are hard, but that it is important to take it one day at a time.

            I’ve only been out of school a few weeks, but there are a few valuable things I have learned so far:

  1. Prioritize your time. Even if you don’t have a lot to do, make a list of all the things you plan to do that day, and then do them. Even if it is simply running a few errands, cleaning house, working on a resume. Before I did this, I did not know how much time to allot to each project, and I ended up focusing on the wrong things. I have since made a list of all my activities, prioritizing them from most important to least.
  2. Give yourself time to relax. I am an extremely goal oriented person, so my first objective when I got out of school was to get a job. I already have a job at Chick-fil-a, but I wanted a grown up job, where I could really start saving for my future. But I quickly found out that I was working just as hard out of school as I was when I was in school, and winded up exhausted. Even when you are eager to please your parents, realize that you have worked so hard and accomplished so much. Reward yourself by giving yourself a little break.
  3. While in college, it was good to have a part-time job. I’ve been working at Chick-fil-a for over 4 years, since I was in high school. I still work there as a college graduate. When my life suddenly emptied up, having a job that I was familiar with helped to keep me from being depressed. I got to see familiar faces and maintain some sort of a routine.
  4. When you start looking for a job, be diligent, patient, confident, and don’t be overcome with worry! Find friends who are doing the same thing, and talk with them about their progress. Don’t give up if you have a few bad days. Find people who will motivate you. It may take awhile, but that is ok! Anything worth having is worth working hard to find.


Here are some valuable resources that I have found; feel free to check them out!

Tips for college grads:

What Is The Most Important Prayer of All?

Why do we pray? To get the things that we want, the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, perfect job, perfect life? Do we pray that other people heal? Do we pray that we get what someone else wants?

People pray for all kinds of things. Sometimes we pray for ourselves and sometimes we pray for others. How do we determine what we should pray for? Prayer is basically asking God to fulfill some wish for something you have in your heart. The problem is, we as people are not perfect, and so we can pray selfishly or hatefully and end up not praying for the right things.

At Anderson University, a man was speaking at Chapel one day and he said, ”instead of praying for what we want, we need to let Jesus have a prayer to us that we can fulfill for him.” In other words, when we pray for what we want, we may pray for the wrong things. But because God is so much greater than us, he knows what needs to happen for true miracles to take place. We can pray for things that get us nowhere, but he could pray for us to do things that help truly change the lives of people.

So let him ask for what he wants from you, and let that be his ‘prayer’ to you. Fulfill his dreams by listening to him. And by fulfilling his dreams, we ultimately fulfill our own. This is all because God has good plans for our lives.

Listen to what he asks of you, and be obedient enough to do it. As a father, he wants what is best for us. Listening to him leads to what is best for us. Don’t listen to his prayers and we end up screwing ourselves over. Pray the Lord allows his will to be done- that he accomplishes everything he needs to accomplish through us.

My friends, the most important prayer of all is the Lord ’s prayer, of course.

Another note on prayer: If your prayer is not contradictory to his word (ex. Praying to get lucky and have sex when you aren’t married, when his word says we need to wait until we are married), he is often very willing to fulfill a prayer. But when you pray, you must have one thing: faith! He feels this way: if you are bold enough to pray to him, at least have enough respect for him to believe that he can fulfill your wishes. You need to trust him. He says that with faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains. So he will move your mountains if you have some faith in him!! 🙂

It’s important to try not to pray selfishly, for like a million dollars, but be humble and care for others more than you care for yourself, and he certainly will hear your prayers.

Focusing on Christ to put Your World Together

I go to Anderson University, and it’s a Christian based school. So every wednesday, we have to go to this thing called Chapel, and it’s basically a church service that lasts an hour. I looove AU. A million freakin’ times better than high school, everyone is so sweet and loving. But anyway, I was at Chapel one day, and there was a someone preaching, telling this story. The story seemed so random until I realized what it was about. I will tell it here, because it is so moving and beautiful. Here it goes:

“There was a family made up of a mommy, daddy, and a little boy. Now, the dad would go to work early in the morning and get home at 5 in the evening. But the little boy was always so excited to see his dad, he would ask his mom about when daddy comes home. At 10:00 in the morning, the boy went to his mom and said, “when is daddy coming home? I want to play with him so much! Is he almost home?” The mom replied
“Sorry, it will be awhile before he gets home. He’ll be here before you know it.” So the kid waits an hour and at 11:00, he asks, “when is daddy coming home? I really wanna see him so we can play now! When is he coming?” His mom replied
“He gets here at 5, he’s not here just yet, honey.” But the little boy was so excited, he couldn’t stand waiting, and so he goes to his mom every hour and asks, and she says the same thing.
So finally, 5:00 p.m. rolls around, and just a little after 5, the dad pulls up in his car. The boy is so excited, when his dad comes in, he asks, “daddy, can we play? I waited all day for you to come home so we could finally play! Now you’re home, what do you wanna play, daddy?” The dad really wanted to play with his son, but he was also tired from work, so he said, “Son, I had a rough day at work. So just give me 5 minutes to relax in this chair and read the newpaper. Then, we can play afterwards.” So the boy said,
“Okay, daddy. 5 minutes, then we can finally play.” So the boy goes away for 5 minutes and comes back. But the dad is so suprised 5 minutes is already up, so he says,
“just give me 5 more minutes then we can really play.” So the boy goes away and about 3 minutes later, he comes out and asks,
“Daddy, I’ve waited 5 minutes. I really, really, really wanna play. Can we play now?” But the dad is looking for just a little more time so he tears out a map of the world from the newspaper, and tears it into pieces. The dad gives it to his son and says,
“Put this map of the world together and when you get done, we can play.” But the dad knows his son doesn’t know where Venezuela or Asia or South America is, he knows he has no clue how to put it back together, but the father is so tired, he’s looking just to buy a little more time. A few minutes later, the boy comes to his dad and shows him the world. He says,
“Dad! I put the world together, just like you asked!” The dad is so suprised, he asks,
“How did you put this together? You don’t know where Venezuela or the Philippines or any of these places are. How did you figure this out?” He responds,
“Well, there was a picture of a man on the back, and once I put him together, the world came together.””


And that’s the story. The moral is the same with Christ: we often say we’ll pay attention to God and do what he says when our worlds come together, but our worlds never come together- there are problems and circumstances in life that are always affected us. But if we focus on the man, Christ, he will help us put our worlds togehter. Then he will shape us, and that will change our worlds. However, it’s very ironic- when I focus on Christ, I often find my world is flipped upside down.

And this is what I learned at Chapel at AU. I know this story is true because my life was that way. My world was falling apart- my heart into pieces, my dreams never being achieved, and life was just so hard. It was hard to deal with my mom who always seemed distant and my family.I wrote poetry alllll the time to vent about how much pain I would feel. My biological dad was never around. I listened to a bunch of dark music because it so easily fit my mood. I depended solely on poetry to get my feelings out to make myself feel better, constantly thinking, “If I could just get it off my chest, I could finally heal and be renewed and get on with life.”

But I would write obsessively and got nowhere. In fact, when I was done writing, I felt worse than when I started.

I found that my feelings were all jumbled up and I had a million thoughts running around at once. I would try to focus on one, and I couldn’t get anything down. And other times, even though there were so many things to think about, I couldn’t think of anything at all. It was very frustrating. The more I tried to put the pieces of my heart back together, the more they dissipated and fell into thousands of pieces. At one point, I thought I was going insane and thought I would probably end up dead in a matter of months if I didn’t get this pain out of my heart, this insanity running around inside me.

I was trying to put my world together, but I couldn’t figure out where the pieces went, like in the story. But after I thought I had no other choice but to trust God, I just gave up and told him I trusted him, and I meant it in my heart. And almost instantaneously, I could feel him picking the pieces of my heart up and putting them back together. He corrected the damage I had done over a course of years in a matter of a few months. And I felt more free than I had literally ever felt in my life. So sweet. I had finally accepted Christ in my heart. So by putting my faith in Christ, my world came back together, not the other way around. It’s never the other way around- trying to put our world together without Christ only causes us to be miserable and constantly frustrated. Nobody wants to go through pain, I didn’t want to, so just trust him to lead you, and I swear he’ll take care of your world for you.

Now I don’t need to write poetry to feel better, even though I do it for fun, now. I just need to spend time with him, be close to him in my heartb and my pain disappears. He carries me on his wings- I never carry myself.

God bless you and good luck. I love you all to no end. 🙂