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Christ’s Beautiful Church Should Make You Feel Beautiful

I went to church today at Electric City Fellowship. I don’t go to NewSpring as much as I used to. Both are very good churches, and I can definately tell that Jesus is at work at both places- changing people’s hearts, affecting people, causing his beloved church to grow.

At Electric City Fellowship, I grow spiritually like I never thought possible. It once seemed like you just go to church and just get what you can out of it- I always knew that other people’s hearts would change, and God would make church seem awesome to them. I’ve always liked church and wanted to be involved, but only at ECF did I experience what I think church should truly feel like.

At other churches, I would feel like God is working in the preacher’s life and in some people’s life radically; and in my heart, that’s was it seemed that I was forced to accept. I kind of hated that because I always wanted to feel so much closer to Jesus at church than I did. But know matter how much faith I had, how much I prayed, no matter what I did, it seemed like he would just decide when the time was right to spend time with me. But at ECF, it feels like he is walking next to me, holding my hand; like the Holy Spirit is talking to me, healing my heart, discipling me, hugging me; like I am unbelievably involved with the message of God.

Church shouldn’t just feel like a place you go just to hang out; you should never feel like you are ‘just there’. You should pick a church in which you grow spiritually, feel truly connected to Jesus, and can really get involved. You really should be in love with the church you go to; if you are not, you should really consider going to another church. It is so crucial to feel like you belong to the community and that you feel fulfilled at the end of the service; like you can tell God is moving and doing a work in you and around you. You should do something if you feel nothing all the years you are there.

It was a really eye opening experience going to another church. Different churchers are for different people. I used to go to NewSpring all the time- and it is an incredible, life changing and amazing church. Thousands of members, and people obviously feel connected to Christ. But it’s not for me. It’s not that it’s not good, but I truly feel that different churches are for different people. My heart is designed differently than the next person, so they may love NewSpring, but I love Electric City Fellowship.

At NewSpring, it feels like I already know what the preacher is talking about. Every time, it seems like other people are learning, but maybe I’ve just grown much more spiritually than some people. However, at ECF, every week it is something new. I feel invigorated, refreshed, like Jesus is standing next to me.

I went to NewSpring for months and feel like I plateaued in my faith. Other people grow immensely and have their worlds rocked by Christ. But that’s because NewSpring is for them more than it is for me. But when I went to ECF for even just a couple weeks, I was so in love with that church and I felt closer to Christ than I ever felt in my life. ECF has around a 100 people, but it’s the kind of church designed for me.

The church- which is the collective body of Christ, all the Christians in the world together as one- the church is the beautiful, wonderful bride of Christ. And at ECF, I felt like I was in that romantic relationship with Christ, like I was truly part of the bride, part of the church. I felt like he wanted a personal relationship with me and that he wanted to love me, lead me, teach me, etc. It was amazing. I never quite felt that at NewSpring, but I can name 10 people off the top of my head who could probably say that about NewSpring.

The point of this post is this: Don’t choose a church simply because it’s popular, or simply because someone says you should go there. See for yourself how good the church is, and really give it a chance; but if you don’t grow in your walk with Christ or just don’t feel connected to the message, pray about it, and then move on to another church.

You’re more likely to listen to a preacher if you feel really in love with the church and the environment. You’re more likely to take in what you hear and much more likely to apply it; more likely get involved with the church and more likely to tell people about the church.

Someone once tried to convince me that I should stay at NewSpring, that God probably wants me at this particular church. But that’s not necessarily true. What he wants is me to grow in my walk with him, he wants me to feel closer to him and have a better relationship with him. If I can’t get it at one church, I’ll go to another. But pick somewhere you love, so you really can feel free and incredible in your church. Just because your family likes a certain place, doesn’t mean you necessarily have to.

As I said, sometimes, you just have to pray about it, and move on.

But again, ECF and NewSpring are both quite incredible, making the name of Jesus famous. They are working hard and are active churches. There are plenty of good churches all over the place, but these are the main two I have experience with. So just go check out different places, until you pick the one where you feel closest to Jesus. πŸ™‚

So check out these churches!!

Electric City Fellowship!


REVO Church!

Just a few good churches I truly believe in!! Enjoy.

-Jennifer Clayton xox

Preparing for “Operation Christmas Child”

Last year, at Electric City Fellowship, I donated two shoe boxes to Operation Christmas Child. Operaction Christmas Child is where people get shoeboxes and fill them with gifts for needy children around the world. I spent about $40 dollars last year, and I went to Target. I only had enough money to buy two.

Well, this year, we are about to start up with OCC again at church, and now since I work at Chick-fil-A, I am planning on saving $100 to make at least 4 shoe boxes. I was gonna buy some clothes for myself, but of course, this is waaaaay more important! πŸ˜€

I was talking to a friend today, and she said that she went to the Dollar Store to get stuff to make her shoe boxes. Her and her mom made them a lot.I figured I could go there and get stuff a lot cheaper than it costs at Target, and maybe I can get 7 boxes instead of four! I want to reach as many children as possible to bless them with gifts to show that Jesus loves them, and tell them that he cares about them. This is so important to me. Makes me so glad I started working.

I’m going to stuff each box with necesseties like toothbrushes and soap or deorderant, and then I’ll add a few toys, and then I’ll write a unique letter to each one explaining how much Jesus loves these children. I’ll also put in a picture of Jesus hugging a bunch of children, so they truly feel special. I also want to pray about this, that he truly changes the lives of all these hurting children.

I wish I had a thousand dollars to spend. I love making these gifts. Even if I could only make one, I would be truly happy, because that means I am blessing the life of one child and changing their hearts for the better by telling them about Jesus. Nothing is better than that! To just help one child would truly fill my heart with so much joy.

Everyone should try these! I think I am going to make it my tradition to make these shoebox gifts. πŸ™‚ I love children, and Jesus loves them much more than I do.

It’s by being selfless, spending money and time on others, that really shoes the true character of Jesus. By doing this, the children will feel loved and special and like they are important, even if they live in a rough place and don’t really have homes or the necesseties they need.

By sending these gifts, they learn to see how much Jesus cares for them. Because it’s not my own heart that is giving them these gifts, but rather Jesus’s heart in me. He is the one who actually sends them these gifts. When they realize this, the children will love him all the more.

Doing stuff like this is how you truly change the world for Jesus. Show people how much he cares for them, how he was willing to die for them because he loved us all so much. Be selfless, be courageous. Be willing to put aside a little time and money to advance the gospel. This is how you truly glorify God.

When I make the shoeboxes, I want to pray over each one of them before I send them off. Pray that Jesus truly reaches and touches and heals the hearts of these children. Pray that he gives them the courage to trust in him, despite all the problems and challenges they face. Pray that they may truly be healed by his presence. Pray that he gives them a better life and helps them get all the things that they need. I will pray that he has a close and very personal relationship with him, because they need this even more than they need things like deoderant.

This is because when they die, they will leave the things of this world behind, but their relationship with Christ after they die only continues to grow, and they get richly and eternally blessed in heaven. πŸ™‚

Just to reach and change the heart of one child is my goal. This is what I live for- changing the world for Jesus. I want those children to be thanking Jesus in their hearts after they get their gifts, not thanking me. It’s not my love that heals, it truly is his. It’s truly his message, and I’m just a messanger, an advocate for his gospel of truth and peace. I pray that Jesus saves these children.

But everyone should make these boxes! You can help heal a hurting child. I have to put aside some of the things I want- buying food, clothes, music stuff- for the sake of helping a truly hearting child, helping them in the name of Jesus. How could anyone want anymore than that? I encourage to send at least one box through Operation Christmas Child- or anything like that. Anything that helps spread the message of Christ- anything you can donate to where people can learn about Jesus and get stuff. Just give and pray.

To learn how to donate to Operation Christmas Child, click here.

Tithing, Switchfoot, Songs for Jesus

So I went to Electric City Fellowship for church. Used to go to Newspring but.. I had my own personal issues. Both are good churches. I’m only 18, and I got a job at Chick-fil-A. I’ve been tithing ever since I’ve had the job. One Sunday, I was going to tithe 50 bucks because I hadn’t been in church in awhile and I was saving up my tithes.

I don’t just forget about them. It’s importatnt to Jesus, it’s important to me. But when I pulled out 50 bucks, I was so excited and so happy in my heart and so in love with Jesus, just being at church I gave like 62 bucks and had to keep myself from giving more. I don’t make very much- maybe 200 dollars a month. But I don’t care.

Heck, I’m living to serve God. My heart and soul belong to him, so my money is his money. All I’ve ever wanted to do in life is give back to God in a big way, since he gives to us in a big way. Jesus went up and beyond to save us, giving us everything by saving us from sin when he died on the cross for us.

So I want to go up and beyond for him. Whenever I do the bare minimum for him, I have to go up and beyond. He gives so much, so I refuse to be selfish in any and every way possible. I wish I was rich just to give away my money for him. Doing whatever he asked me to do with it, to change the world.

But ECF moves me. I love this church. Love the community. Good luck, Jonathan. πŸ˜€ I give my money to ECF because it’s a much smaller church and they don’t even have a building anymore. They could really use it. Newspring has thousands of members and they have a ton of money, and have all the equipment and everything they could need. I just want to give to who needs it more despirately.

The song I wrote to God, “Mile After Mile”, I finally wrote the music to it. And I sing it to God.I learned an awesome Switchfoot song called “Let that Be Enough.”

It’s so easy to play on guitar, and it’s about faith in God. I sing that to God also.

I’m writing Jesus another song on guitar. I have the lyrics, and I’m working on the music. I also wrote him 2 songs on the keyboard. One called “The Candle’s Flame”, the other called “Reaching Towards the Sky”.

This is why I want to be a rockstar! Lol I’ve always wanted to sing for God. Hopefully, when I’m really good at singing/playing the songs, I’ll post them on youtube and motivate more people to pay attention to God. πŸ˜€ He’s amazing!

Lyrics for “The Candle’s Flame”:

He asked me to sing
My song to him
It makes him happy
The melody
Pours out of me
Rushing out like
Frenzied waterfalls
Singing to his heart is
No problem at all

The candle’s flame
Flickers forever
In my heart
But without faith
Everything sits in an
Eerie dark
His love ignites me
And creats the candles spark
Which creates my faith
Which is the candle’s flame

Love is doing things selflessly
For those you care about
And those who love want to be loved
And I know, I know
That he loves everyone
So we should put him above
Everything else in this life
I feel him around me, I dance in his light

The candle’s flame
Flickers forever
In my heart
But without faith
Everything sits in an
Eerie dark
His love ignites me
And creates the candles spark
Which creates my faith
Which is the candle’s flame

Dancing forever here
Following Christ
His road is the only one
That leads to life
I’m taking this road
I’m strong than this world
In my soul
He paved the way to freedom
Paved it gold

The caterpillar in me
Ready for transformation
A butterfly to be free
Free in spirit, free in this life
Free for all eternity

I’ll post the other song later. πŸ˜›

*Poetry Corner- β€œPlastic Rose, Plastic Faith” + ECF, Trust

This is a haiku I made. The underlying meaning has to deal with how amazing it is to have faith. Of course, it’s about having faith in God, but it can apply to having faith in relationships, having faith in what you do, having faith in yourself, having faith during difficult times. I really love this poem.

Plastic Rose, Plastic Faith

The beauty of the
Plastic rose in snow: colors
That survive winter.

I think I’ll draw a picture with it, later.

Electric City Fellowship, Trust

I normally go to NewSpring church, but lately I’ve been visiting Electric City Fellowship. It’s much smaller but often feels a lot more personal. I just wanted to say that the place where they normally have church has been shut down. It’s very discouraging. It’s not easy to continue trying to have a service and figuring out where to go to have a service. Luckily, these church members did not just give up, but they worked hard and they moved the church back to T. L. Hanna High School.

They have service on Sunday there, and I’m so glad they didn’t give up. I told one of the members I’d try to invite people to come to that church since I’m sure they would love some more people. They welcome everyone with open arms. πŸ™‚ It’s important not to give up on the message of God just because of hardships. Sometimes, God even puts obsticales in the way on purpose to test us or to teach us something. They may be hard at first, but they may turn out to be something beautiful. This is one reason it’s important not to give up on God: you never know what exactly he has in store for you.

He may bring you pain and confusion, but it’s important to persevere and continue to trust him, because he never gives up on us and when we hold on and continue to work hard even when times get difficult, he promises to bless us in the end. The results for working hard for the name of Jesus are not always immediate, and it’s important to realize that that’s okay. I think about that all the time!

It really is okay to not understand what he’s leading you to, as long as you trust him. A child may like to play in the road, and their parent might spank them every time they do it. Of course, the child doesn’t understand why they get spanked at the time. Is it to be mean? Of course not! The parent doesn’t want the child to get hit by a car. So it’s okay not to see the smaller picture if you understand the bigger one; God really is always looking out for us. He is a parent, he is our Father. And good fathers take care of their children.

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2nd Banner, OCC, Elizabeth’s B-day, Lacey Mosley

Second Banner
I have my second Atypical Jesus banner!!! I LOVE doing this stuff. πŸ˜€ Here it is:
Atypical Jesus Banner 02
I draw my art on this website: When I posted this piece of art and left a link that leads to this site, some people who were not believers got upset. Some other people defended me, even if they didn’t believe in Jesus, and I’d like to post some of those people’s comments.

Replying to comment by someone who called themself a “half atheist”, another person said:
“`Half` atheist? Speaking as a 100% atheist I feel compelled to say you should respect other members artwork by not calling them an idiot for believing in something YOU dont agree with. Religous freedom works both ways and they were not bashing atheists or making you go to church so calm down. As for the picutre I like the lettering and heart that you did.”
The “half atheist” was complaining about Christians and how relgious ‘idiots’ should just go away. I appreciate the 100% atheist because they showed me respect, even when they didn’t believe what I believe. That takes some real courage and even some Christians won’t show those who don’t believe what they believe respect. This person shows good character and true kindness. On top of that, they actually said something nice about the picture. πŸ™‚ Woohoo, that was awesome of them!

Another person said:
“i like the picture, but im not…uh, well im not wutever religion u r, that’s for sure. i really like the border. and the stuff around the heart.
actually, i don’t think anyone on here is the same religion as me…..not even my family is…..XD ”
I love that this person can say they don’t agree and still show such kindness. That’s sweet! πŸ™‚

Another said:
“I like how the border blends in. The gold color makes it pop.
P.S .to bashers- Art is all about expression of your own thoughts and beliefs. This is something she has a passion for and incorporating it in her art is what MAKES art personal.”
This last comment blew me away. This was amazing that this person realized what makes are so personal and real. Part of art is expressing a piece of who you are, and that’s what I did, and that’s what she pointed out. BRAVO.
That’s it. I replied to kind people and I really wanted to post this.

Religious freedom does work in both ways. It takes respect from both parties for us to live together and to tolerate each other better. This is how we can get along more in this world.

Elizabeth’s Birthday
My friend from my bible study group turned 18! It was last week and I made her a card and got some of our friends to sign it. I made muffins for 12 and just for her, I got a piece of strawberry cake and put a candle in it. I got neckleces and gave them to my friends. I got a bunch of candy and shared it with people who came to our table. I gave her a birthday balloon. She said she loved it all and she thanked me a lot for it. My friend Andrea said I was too sweet, and that comment made me so happy. It’s still ringing in my heart, LOL! I told Elizabeth I loved her and she was so happy. This is what I do for my friends to show Jesus’s love through me. It’s what I’m supposed to do- care. Not necessarily this much, but I just wanted to care this much.

Just doing small, nice things for people- congradulating them, making them feel special, talking to them, being nice to them- you can show them God’s love.

Operation Christmas Child
Instead of going to NewSpring for the past few weeks, I’ve been going to Electric City Fellowship, which is a smaller and more personal church, because it is smaller. Not to say that NewSpring is not personal. They were doing this program called ‘Operation Christmas Child’, where people get shoeboxes and fill them with gifts for needy children around the world.

Even without a real job, I scrambled up some money to do two boxes, which cost me about $40. I did one for a boy and one for a girl. I bought an Etch-a-Sketch, 2 boxes of markers, a stuffed animal, 2 ring pops, 2 toothbrushes and 2 boxes of toothpaste. I put a picture of myself in each box along with a letter in each one and a picture of Jesus with children in each one. I put a little green bible in the one for the girl.

I honestly wish I could have put more stuff in there, but I did not have that much money. My letter explained how Jesus loves them very much, and how even when they are sad, he is watching over them. I said if they trust him, they will meet him in heaven and always be happy, even when they are not happy on earth.

I explained how he thought they were beautiful and precious and how they mean so much to him. I said that he really wants them to have the gifts because he loves them, and then I put in a few sentences about how to recieve Christ. I prayed that they might recieve him, and I’ll pray a lot more. It’s so important to me. I wrote everything in a way that I think 10-14 year olds can understand. I must say, the feeling of giving to those who actually need it most is worth much more than a mere $40. The act in itself will be priceless to them, and it’s priceless that they might meet Jesus and that he may change them and flip their lives right-side-up and make their lives a lot better.

Christmas is not about Americans getting more of what they have plenty enough of, it is not about selfish acts and endless greed. For well-off people, Christmas should not be about getting but about giving. Sometimes, that goes for those who don’t have much. God the Father gave us Jesus, because we need him so much. We should also give because others need it much more than we could ever need it. That is the true Spirit of Christmas, and that’s what Jesus is really about. πŸ™‚

Here’s a story about someone who received a gift from Operation Christmas Child, and how it changed her: Read it please!

More Art
A picture of Lacey Mosley, from the band Flyleaf. It’s one of my all time favorite bands, along with Korn. It took me around 10 hours to draw.
This is the smaller version. Click on it to see the actual size.
Lacey Mosley of Flyleaf
Reference picture: Lacey Mosley!
You like? πŸ˜€ LOL it took sooo long, but it was so worth it. Flyleaf is an AWESOME christian rock band, and Lacey is amazing, hence this picture. Haha. I must say that their new CD recently came out and I wanted to get it. I remember going to Target to get my Operation Christmas Child stuff and I thought about how it had just came out. I looked in the CD isle for it and saw one was left.

The CD is called ‘Memento Mori’ and I had been waiting for the longest time for a new Flyleaf CD to finally come out, because I had heard all they already had out. Of course, there was no way I would trade the Christmas Child opportunity for that desire. It broke my heart to walk away from it and it really did hurt a little, but it was truly okay. I think I child’s life means so much more than that! Thank you, Jesus!