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*Poetry Corner- “Fall Out of the Sky”

The stars fall out of the sky
Crushing everything
Down below
The inky blue of the night
Drowns everything
All living things
Cease to grow

And everything of today
Just fades away
And the world implodes
Within itself
When the world is gone
What is left?

All your broken dreams
Once held together by
Temporary things
Overwhelmed by new found misery
Deceived by your worldly
False sense of security
And when all is gone
You just about go insane
Calculating what remains
What of this world?
Well, nothing
Just nothing
You are a sellout for this world
Well, there’s nothing
But Jesus and his glory
And the hearts of those who believe

And the dangerous means
By which you chased after your
Fleeting dreams
Leaves you crumpled and empty
Now you’re fading and leaving
Did you not know
Those feelings were fleeting?

You look up and whisper goodbye
Asking “why?”
Those beautiful stars fall out of the sky
Crushing everything down below
How could you not know?
How could you not know?

Copyright Jennifer Clayton 😀