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Grrr… I Can’t Stand Christian Hypocrisy!!

Who doesn’t know what I am talking about? I think pretty much everyone knows “those” Christians who tell you one thing but are doing a totally different thing. Those Christians who go to church sunday, trying to act all holy, and then 2 days later, they are getting drunk in a club. They condemn people for doing things they are clearly doing themselves. Christians who say ‘don’t judge people’, ‘only Jesus can judge me’, and then they see a person do one thing wrong and next thing you know, they are yelling at them, telling them they are going to hell; they are the first to judge and condemn!

Yes, we all know “those” Christians. It is hard for me to really call those people Christians. When you truly accept Christ in your heart, there is a heart change. You start to put aside your sinful self and put on the holiness of Jesus. You start to see with his eyes more and start to see with our imperfect eyes a little less. Your heart genuinely changes, and you yearn to see good things happen and yearn to live good lives. You actually attempt to love as Christ did; being loving, forgiving, compassionate, hopeful.

When pepole say they are Christians but their actions never seem to mach up to their words, it’s pretty safe to mark those people off as not being genuine Christians.

No one one the oustide of Christianity, a non-believer, wants to look at our faith and see deceit and lies. Then why on earth would they be compelled to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior and convert to Christianity? Genuine Christians build other people up, truly desire to see people change for the better, help shape and heal hearts in the name of Christ. Non-genuine Christians act better than everyone else, judge everyone as going to hell and are cruel with their words, and they don’t truly desire to see change in people.

So many people turn away from our faith because they see hypocrisy within the church. If this is all they see, I can’t blame them for turning away from God. But they should know that if they really look, they can find true Christians who are loving and encouraging no matter what. They don’t sit on the edge of their seat just to condemn people. True Christians are those who want to see the hurting heal and watch people’s lives change for the better because of Christ.

People should be able to look at the church and see unison, beauty, and love. There shouldn’t be liars and fakers and cheaters. Christians need to learn to let their actions match up with their words, and non-Christians should give us a second chance and see that beneath the layer of crap, there are Christians who are worth trusting and knowing about.

Christians should walk the walk instead of talk the talk. A Christian can argue all day with someone about how they are living the right life for God. However, if their actions prove other wise, their arguing was useless. Let’s spare the arguments and let our actions speak for us. That will show if we are truly living the right life for God. Do what the bible says. Pray for strength to live a life obedient to Christ. After all, actions are what we remember; at the end of the day, “actions speak louder than words!!”


Why Christian Denominations Are Not Important, And Learning To Get Along Can Change The World

You know what annoys me? Christian denominations. They get so caught up in their petty rules and regulations and spend so much time fighting each other. We as Christian people are supposed to function together as the body of Christ. We are all smaller parts that come together to make up the entire body, and if one thing is not functioning properly, another thing won’t function properly, and next thing you know, the entire body is dysfunctional and gets nothing done. I look at it sort of like I do a regular body.

Your heart can be doing the right thing and pumping blood and your eyes can be focused on the world and your brain coming up with ideas and your ears listening for what happens next. But if your leg, which would represent one of the many Christian denominations, decides to attack another denomination and bash them instead of focusing on spreading the message of Jesus Christ to a broken world, it’s not going to function.

So while the other parts of the body may be up and ready to go and move about the world, your leg won’t be functioning, and you won’t be able to walk. The ability to not walk prevents you from moving place to place and spreading the message of Christ as effectively as possible.

See? Our main purpose as Christians is to spread the love and glory of the amazing Jesus Christ, but if we spend all of our time constantly bickering and fighting each other, we are wasting time. As Christians, we are the only vehicle through we Jesus uses to spread his name through the world. He loves us so much and gave us the awesome responsibility to change people‚Äôs lives by telling them of him. If we are the only way Jesus can spread his love and hope through the world and we spend all of our time freakin’ bickering and worrying over petty things,

many people who need to know the love of Jesus Christ the most never come to know it. Like I said, we Christians are the way Jesus reaches non-believers and broken people all around the world.

I know that we obsess so much over things that don’t matter, like the slight differences in the way preachers run their churches and the slight differences in how some people interpret the bible, and we fight over these tiny things to no end. I truly believe that we are so focused on these smaller details that we don’t see the things that really matter: the need to change the lives and hearts of hurting people and to convince a fallen world that their truly is a hope and a reason to live, and a reason to live a good life, not just one that focuses on getting by.

The reason is Jesus, but the body of Christ wants to fight so much that it can’t function as one. When people start to hate Christianity and religion and God because they see so much fighting in the body of Christ, we shouldn’t blame God for so much of the suffering we see in the world. We are supposed to be an example of why non-believers should want to be Christian and know Jesus, by loving each other. We are supposed to put petty things aside so that people have a reason to believe in Christianity and not just see fighting.

Who wants to be a part of a religion that promotes love and grace and mercy if we are constantly fighting, not showing love, grace, or mercy to one another?

If I were a non-believer looking in and seeing this kind of behavior, I certainly wouldn’t want to be a part of that. The reason we often times don’t see God move like we want him to is because we are inhibiting him from doing so. He can’t change people if we scare people away because we act horrible to each other.

I know that people have different denominations, and slightly different interpretations of the bible, but I believe it’s safe to agree that the main and most important message we’ve learned about Jesus Christ is that he loves unconditionally. Screw the little differences.

He loves unconditionally. And people just cannot see that if we cannot learn to accept each other. So we are supposed to focus on love and spreading it so the world might believe and that God might be able to heal the planet. This is why it’s important to see the big picture: His love.

If we focus on love, we learn to love each other. Then others watching us will believe that Jesus is real because they will see love and want to be apart of it. No one wants to be apart of hate and hypocrisy like Christians often demonstrate so much of.
Focusing on love, we might grow to know a world that begins to believe in Jesus. Then, they could see why he is so powerful and amazing. God would be able to act and show his power off, if we could just learn to love one another!

This is a picture I drew. Click on it to see the actual size.
See how love can be a flower in this grey world. =]

Grey world, red rose