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*Poetry Corner- “Forever Etched in His Memory”

“There are people that believe a photo
Captures your soul
For them this is a terrible thing
For me, it’s one last chance”

A Softer World (

This quote really gives me chills. Everyone acts like it so horrible to submit to Jesus because they want to live their own lives, live their own dreams. They don’t want him to ‘capture their souls within photographs.’ But the reason why I submitted to him was becase I finally realized that if I don’t, and he doesn’t ‘save me in his photographs’, my soul will fade away, anyway. I don’t rescue it by resisting him; I merely aid in it’s quick fading away. I came to the realization that he truly was my one last chance.

It’s really just a metaphor. When I say “we need let him take our pictures, capture our souls within photographs,” I am merely saying that we need to trust him more than we trust ourselves.

(I don’t actually mean Jesus literally runs around, freaking people out, trying to take pictures of them. That would make for a very freaky and interesting day.)

When we trust ourselves to make it through this life on our own, we are trying to depend on our own strength, take care of our own souls. But only Jesus can really take care of our souls, if we let him. If we trust him to rescue us. If we let him lead us, let him be Lord and Savior. Admit to our faults and let him make us whole. His dreams for us our bigger than our dreams for us.

He ‘captures our souls in photos’, so we don’t waste our time, trying to lead ourselves, living a life that only leads to spiritual death. Leading a life that is incredibly unfulfilling, in the end. He allows us to live fulfilling lives through him, and then we make it to heaven, and this is how we live forever, ‘in his photographs.’

Forever Etched in His Memory

Soul evaporating
Days go by
The sun rises and sets
Grey enters the sky
I walk on daffodils in fairytales
But still I feel myself
Drifting away

Blue skys with yellow beams of light
Picturesque and bright
Melt into black
Not enough time to even look back
And I feel these final breaths of mine
Slipping away

Gripping a camera
In my hands
I can stand here
In a fading land
Or reserve what’s left of my fleeting soul
Putting delicate memories on hold
Frustration, my tears, all of my laughs
Locked within this photograph
I have the key to put them away
What to choose?
One fleeting day
Or forever etched in a memory

My soul is growing cold
Lost in all the decadance
I’d like to linger around
Just one last chance, one last chance

When we have life
Without the footprints of Jesus in our hearts
We can’t shine forever
While our worlds grow dark
It’s just a fleeting day,
A fairytale world always fading gray
A final breath you try to hold on to
That keeps, somehow, slipping away

I choose
The Camera of God
Capture a fleeting soul
Forever etched in His memory

Now along the shore of my heart
I see my second chance:
The footprints of Jesus
Lie forever in the sand

copyright Jennifer Clayton

Still Wearing Purity Ring, *Poetry Corner- “Valuable”

So I have been wearing my purity ring since June, 2010. I am so psyched that this year, I am zeroing in on wearing it for a year. I will be so proud of myself!

I promised God that I would not have sex until I am married, and it still isn’t too difficult. This is because I am focused on doing the Lord’s work: reading the bible, telling others about him, etc. I really feel that the Lord loves my promise, and that he is pushing me away from sex. I love that this is easy right now.

I know 100% that it will not always be. I am sure I am going to run into cute guys, who are nice and friendly, and I will be tempted, and that’s when the true test comes. I am praying that the Lord gives me strength to get past it, and help to keep me focused. I am a young 18 year old, and there is just waaay too much room for bad stuff to happen. Pray for me! I just stopped writing and prayed for myself.

If you are not married, you should be practicing abstinence. Busy yourselves with the Lord’s work.

“I want you to be free from worry. A man who is not married is busy with the Lord’s work, trying to please the Lord. But a man who is married is busy with things of the world, trying to please his wife. I am saying this to help you, not to limit you. But I want you to live in the right way, to give yourselves fully to the Lord without concern for other things.” 1 Corinthians 7:32-33, 35

Do something you love. Get together with other believes who are working at the same goal of staying pure. Pray, and don’t put yourselves in situations where you would be tempted. Maybe avoid a certain party or person/group of people. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up for avoiding sex, not tear you down.

Wearing my ring makes me feel beautiful; like I am well worth the wait. I don’t feel the need to give myself away, because I trust the Lord to bring me the right person, at the right time. That time is not now. It makes me feel like the most beautiful person in the world, because other girls are often desperate to give themselves away when they aren’t ready, and it’s like they think they are nothing without sex.

But that’s not true! There’s no need to feel desperate, because there will be plenty of time when we are older and with the right person. We are so precious and beautiful and wonderful, even without sex!


No man can tell me
I’m not beautiful,
That I’m not a precious gem
Because I refuse
To give it up to him

They can shut up
I’m doing just great
God’s teaching me
I’m well worth the wait
Wrapped in a golden gown
Wearing a golden crown
Dressed in the love
Of Jesus

No man can take from me
What I refuse to give away
I am valuable, wake up special
Every single day
I’m loved by the one
Who matters most
Who cherishes me
Much more than precious gold

Absorbed in God
I wear a crown of his love
And until the time has come
For my beloved
I’m just fine with Jesus
He’s the only guy
I’ll be thinking of

I’ll remain in purity
Until He finds the one for me
No need to feel alone
More precious than gold
You’re valuable
You’re valuable
You’re valuable,
You know

The Lord sees you
In all your radiant beauty
He wants you
To ignore the lustful man
He wants you to
To take His hand
And when you feel alone,
He sees your beauty glow,
“Hey, you’re valuable,
You’re valuable,
You’re valuable,
You know”

Copyright Jennifer Clayton

I feel cherished and loved by God, and that’s enough for me. We are his beautiful children. He wants the best for us, and that means waiting. 🙂

Remember, you are so worth the wait!!

*Poetry Corner- “Fall Out of the Sky”

The stars fall out of the sky
Crushing everything
Down below
The inky blue of the night
Drowns everything
All living things
Cease to grow

And everything of today
Just fades away
And the world implodes
Within itself
When the world is gone
What is left?

All your broken dreams
Once held together by
Temporary things
Overwhelmed by new found misery
Deceived by your worldly
False sense of security
And when all is gone
You just about go insane
Calculating what remains
What of this world?
Well, nothing
Just nothing
You are a sellout for this world
Well, there’s nothing
But Jesus and his glory
And the hearts of those who believe

And the dangerous means
By which you chased after your
Fleeting dreams
Leaves you crumpled and empty
Now you’re fading and leaving
Did you not know
Those feelings were fleeting?

You look up and whisper goodbye
Asking “why?”
Those beautiful stars fall out of the sky
Crushing everything down below
How could you not know?
How could you not know?

Copyright Jennifer Clayton 😀

*Poetry Corner- “Ego”, greed


If there’s not time today
There will never be time

How come we’re the richest
Acting like we’re poorest?
Our egos are the biggest
And the sorest

Won’t open up our wallets
Because we are afraid
Having EVERYTHING is not enough
To make a change

How come we’re the richest
Acting like we’re poorest?
Our egos are the biggest
And the sorest

And the acidic greed inside our hearts
Burns away at our souls
Devouring everything it sees, it feeds
Until all that’s left are holes

Some people have what’s very small
Some have nothing at all
Very few are filthy rich like us
Have EVERYTHING and not enough
People suffer
And we wanna see change
But we ourselves are the problem
Standing in the way!

Making the world feel small
We have to have it all
And the bigger we are
The harder we fall
Why is the world
Callous and unfair?
‘Cause we don’t see greed in the mirror
But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there

If times are hard today,
They will never be easy
If there’s no money today
There will never be enough money

Can’t set broken hearts free
Starving and empty
While our endless greed
Only feeds and feeds
Can’t look them in the eyes
And see all their pain
If we keep living only for us
Then there will never be change

How come we’re the richest
Acting like w’re poorest?
Our egos are the biggest
And the sorest

-Jennifer Clayton
I get so frustrated with countries like America. It’s not just us, but we definitely are super guilty of this. We hit hard times, like when the economy is going crazy and we’re afraid we will lose our jobs and houses and everything. But even at our worse, we are so much better off than other countries. Billions of people around the world live off less than $2 a day. And we are upset? I guarantee those people would take living in our difficult economy any day over living the way they live. At our worse, we are living better than most of the world. Our worse is better than their best.

Perry Noble once said that “only in America can you be obese and poor at the same time.” And he’s so right! People act like they broke, but they still have means of getting the things they need. I recognize that even when times are hard here, it doesn’t change the fact that we are born with silver spoons in our mouths. Perry also was talking about how we have storage houses for our cars. People in other countries could live with their whole family in one of our car garages. We have houses and then houses for our cars.

Only in America will we complain about how hard times are getting, and then you still see all these commercials about getting your dogs the best food and grooming them and treating them like they are just like people. It’s like, “yeah, these are hard times, but we still somehow have money for this stuff” It’s ridiculous! We’re struggling but we can take care of ourselves and our pets… when people in others places don’t have anything to feed their families, and they wouldn’t even think about pets!

We get so blinded by how much stuff we have. The poem is saying that we have big and sore egos. They are big because we constantly want more and more stuff, and sore because we sit and complain about everything we don’t have, even though we have everything. “If there’s no money today, there will never be enough money” means that if we have so much stuff, but still can’t find it in our hearts to give, because we feel that we don’t have enough, then we will never find it in our hearts to give.

There won’t be enough for everyone if we only want more. There will only ever be enough for everyone if we realize that we do have everything, and others desperately need our help and our generosity, so that they can survive, too.

This is why we need humility. Why Christ calls us to be humble and to give to the poor.

“But God gives us even more grace, as the Scripture says, ‘God is against the proud, but he gives grace to the humble.'” James 4:6

“Jesus answered, ‘If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.’” Matthew 19:21

Humility and serving others gets rid of our blindness, pushes away our greed. And this is what we need. Loving people like this by giving and serving shows the world that Christ is real, because acts such as these truly show how he loves. When we are greedy, nobody can see Christ in us. People think we are liars and fake. Don’t put on an act. Get out there and do your job, show genuine love, and I guarantee people will change, and ultimately the world will change.

*Poetry Corner- The Bride of Christ

I want to build up a church
Foundation of Jesus Christ
Growing in strength and size
Through the faithful hearts
Of his saints
I want a church that makes
The name of Jesus famous
One life at a time
The name that matters most
Certainly isn’t mine
I want a church built up on strong faith,
Growing through deliberate action
A church that takes risks in the
Name of Jesus
A church that burns out
The evil flame in Satan’s heart
I want to build a church
That makes larger the kindgom of heaven
And pushes the gates of hell
Closed forever
A church that stands up in the storm
Remaining beautiful and warm
Despite the troubles of the world
A church desperate for the truth of Christ
As his heart makes the word come alive
I want the church
To appear as his flawless, beautiful bride
I want a church
That stands firm in a world of distress
A church where Jesus becomes greater
As we become less
I want to build up the very love of Jesus Christ
To make much larger his glorious, beautiful bride

I love the church. She means everything to Jesus, she means everything to me. The church is the collective people of Christ- all of his faithful Christians. It matters to me that more people are added to their number, and that she appears flawless and perfect before Jesus. The world should also notice her captivating beauty. As a Christian, it is my job to help do just that. It’s every Christian’s job to help do just that.

*Poetry Corner- I Won’t Apologize

When people say I’m a weirdo for believing in Jesus, I look at them like they are stupid. I feel like this: Why on earth will I give up on a love that has made me feel completely whole? If I listen to their ridiculous opinions, I will loose the greatest love I’ve ever known, the most freedom in joy I have ever felt, and this is what I have to say about that:

I Won’t Apologize

I don’t care who laughs at me for loving Jesus
Who mocks me for believing in “fairy tales”
But I won’t apologize for committing my life
To something that rescued me from the hell
I once lived in every day, on my own
Standing on the edge of everything I’ve known
About to fall over into the sketchy blackness
Through the power of his love
I could feel him pull me back

I won’t EVER apologize
For allowing my heart to heal,
For the very first time in my life
I won’t apologize
For going from a passive life
To an active one
Where I can achieve my dreams
By any means

Why the hell should I be sorry
For being happy, being complete
Learning what it’s like to be a whole person
For the very first time
In an ocean of worry,
I use to sink to the bottom to drown
But by trusting Christ
Look at the love I’ve found
Condemned to be free
Learning to breathe
Learning to breathe

White-hot passion fills my bones
Commitment to the realest love I’ve ever known
Walking in his footsteps
I won’t dare to fall back
Into a world that gave up on me
I will follow in his footsteps
And try to reach
The broken heart
The hurting child, the outcast,
The left-out
The down-trodden, the left-behind,
The forgotten about
I will reach the hearts that
Never before
Have been reached, all this time
I’ll show them that he loves their abandoned hearts
I know this his true,
Because he has loved mine


So when people say you are a freak for loving Christ, let them call you a freak. Is it so freaky to want to feel fulfilled in your life, to feel loved by someone who is looking out for you? So freaking to grow past the fears and worries and anxieties of the world, because you have peace in Christ? Is it so weird to feel more incredible than you ever have before? If people say it is, refuse to apologize!! 🙂 Don’t give them what they want. Love you all~

-Jennifer Clayton

*Poetry Corner- Like a Hurricane

I am in love with who I am,
My attitude
Humble towards the Lord
He lifts me up
Lets me lead
Lets the humblest
Lead all others
I am a bird
I cannot fly higher in the sky
My life is meaningful
More than others know
I don’t need the things of this world
Money or cars, not fame for me
Unless of course it’s for Jesus’s name
I don’t need casual sex
Or partying or cheap thrills
Drugs, alcohol, gossip, lies, deceit
I am pure in my heart
Jesus has wiped my life clean
Forgiven me for the filthy things I’ve done
Erased the filthy ways I feel
A heart so broken, never thought it could heal
Jesus, his love, lifted my chin up,
Still lifts my chin up
Makes life worth living
And I throw the things of the world away
Stand proud in him,
Stand up for his name,
Which is his heart
I will not throw myself away
In this life
He says I’m beautiful, knows I’m beautiful
And truly, I’m happiest standing in his love
I’m freest when I’m not held down by the
Things of this world

Fleeting feelings of fun come and go
Like a hurricane
Without warning they’re there and then they’re gone
Wrecking everying in their path
Leaving nothing but broken homes, broken hearts,
Broken dreams, broken lives
But Jesus is my indestructable shelter
Keeping hurricanes away
Outside my window, I look and cry
As I see people totally destroyed with nowhere
To go
And I walk outside,
Every brave step I make,
It’s Jesus taking it for me
I do not fear being torn down by hurricanes
For I am truly indestructable

Even if my body is destroyed by the storm
Nothing can change me in my heart
Take me away from my king
I do not bow down to the things of this world
But to the only one who can save me from the storm
King Jesus
I wear his name bravely on my sleeve,
Tattooed on my heart permanently

And I go and grab the hands of all
The broken people sitting where the
Hurricanes hit
I lift them up, tell them about the
Refuge, the safety in Jesus,
That’s only found in Jesus,
And not in the things of this world
Take them to my indestructable shelter
Where they can be safe
In their hearts
And they go there
Not believing until they sit inside
And see none of the hurricanes can
Harm them anymore,
Can touch them, ruin them anymore
And there is a change in their hearts
From disbelief to belief in the truth that
Jesus saves all who trust in him
Because he loves everyone
No matter who they are, where they come from,
What kind of life they’ve left behind
They are safe in the shelter
Because he’s strong enough to protect them,
Shield them from the things of this life
That kill
Sin and the worldy things
That look fun but decieve you
And destroy everything you have

Yes, this change from disbelief to belief
Is a change in their hearts
And those hearts change from weak
And sinful
To pure and truly indestructable
And even with shelter in Jesus,
They are not afraid of hurricanes
And they leave this comfortable place
Even if their bodies are destroyed by the storm
Nothing can change them in their hearts

And now they can go out, reach
For someone’s hand to help them up
And lead them to the shelter, the safety in Jesus

Telling them
Fleeting feelings of fun come and go
Like a hurricane
Without warning they’re there and then they’re gone
Wrecking everying in their path
Leaving nothing but broken homes, broken hearts,
Broken dreams, broken lives
But Jesus is my indestructable shelter
Keeping hurricanes away
They’re telling these people
That Jesus loves them and begs them to come home

-Jennifer Clayton 🙂

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*Poery Corner- Weight of the World, and Trusting Jesus

Wrote a poem called “Weight of the World”:

Blackest hearts,
Deepest, darkest secrets
Crazy things to hide
But the secret- can you keep it?
Admit only to yourself
That you are crazy as hell
But tell the world
Your fine, doing just well

There is something insane in your world
All alone, you spend your days
Doing your own thing
Don’t care about what noone says…
But when you feel lonely,
Don’t you wish you could open up
Have someone around you
When you’ve really had enough

Someone to take the weight off your shoulders
Share the hell you’ve been through
Someone who won’t act like you’re a freak,
Not out to judge you and condemn you

How many skeletons are in your closet?
A thousand and ten?
Blackest hearts,
Revealing the deepest of sins
It’s okay..
Jesus loves with his eyes closed
Choosing to ignore the bad things you’ve done
Telling you stuff that you don’t know
Like “you are worth much more
Than you think
I love you more than you could
Ever believe”
He’s not there to criticize you when you’re wrong
When you feel bad
He’s there to catch your tears and wipe your eyes
Weary and sad
Never leave you
Never feel alone again
He sees
The hell-hole world you’ve caught yourself in

And he forgives every secret sin
He’ll make the skeletons goes away
Trust in him
Make the demons stop calling your name
He accepts when people reject
Your painful truth
He’s the first to notice how much your hurting
And the last to turn away from you

In the blackest place in the world,
Where you never could survive
When you close your eyes
And just keep hoping to die
He meets you
Right there where you are
Just wants to get close to you
To heal your heart

And on the edge of the world,
Overseeing the blackest of days
And the deadliest of nights
Where stars in the sky are set ablaze
He holds my hand
And lets me feel peace
I have never known before
I feel at ease

In an ever dangerous world
When a wingless angel learns to fly
I know he’s safety;
Enough strength to help me get by


This poem is about how I felt at church today. I felt like Christ will accept anyone; no matter where they’ve come from, what they’ve done in their past, how many things have gone wrong. He will accept them even if they are strange to everyone else. He accepts all kinds of people from different races, nations, backgrounds. It’s because he loves us all as his own children, unconditionally. If we would just learn to trust in him, he will heal our wounds and fix our broken hearts.

There is no such thing as having too much baggage or doing too many bad things to be loved by Jesus. That’s simply impossible. He died for us to save us all because he loved us all so, so much. He wants to spend time with us, listen to us, lead us, comfort us, teach us, change us, grow us. He wants us to live positive and very fulfilling lives.

When I accepted Christ and I felt him working in my heart, this was the very first thing I felt; that he was effectively healing me in a way I could never heal myself before I knew him, and that he loved me and that he was comforting me and would protect me. That’s a good friend and a good father.

Reach out in your hearts. Take a step of faith. I guarantee you’ll be met with a hug; his embrace. He’s more concerned about how our hearts feel- whether or not they are hurting and desperately need his help- than what we look like on the oustide. He does not judge us as the world judges us; he does not view us as the world does. He pays attention to what’s in our heart- he’s really not concerned with how rich we are, how many cars we have, how much power we have. He wants to change our hearts. The world views us outwardly, he views us inwardly.

And he makes me feel beautiful to no end. I hate when people look at Christianity like it’s silly or corrupt. Some Christians can be corrupt- but those that will really show you what Jesus is like make all the difference. I guarantee you’ll find a friend and a helper in him. Just trust him, and you will not be let down. Really.

God bless you all. 🙂

*Poetry Corner- Standing Still

Everybody flies through life
Here and there, given a challenge or suprise
One day we’re kids, hanging with friends
On the playground
Next thing we know, we’re off on our way,
College bound
And then we’re paying bills, on our own,
Working all year round
Thinking back and wishing for simpler times
When our only responsibility was to clean
Our room
And to get good grades
And now, those memories are far away
Like some faded dream
We wake up to having families
And places to go, a world to see
Next thing you know, our own kids are grown
Moving out, time for them to go
And all we can do is cry, wave goodbye
We think about love ones passing away
Knowing we’re getting up in age
Then we’re in the hospital, old and sick
Thinking about the legacy we’ll leave
But we’re the very last to realize
It’s the last day we’ll ever breathe
And all this time, we’ve flown through life
From little kids to old and ill
Wasting every opportunity to realize
That the whole time,
Jesus was standing still
Waiting to make life more than
Struggling for a pay check
From week to week
Waiting to take away our stress
And give us relief
He waited for our attention,
So he could slow our worlds down
And let us enjoy all the precious moments
The ones we forgot all about
He was waiting to make life
Go from oridnary to extra-orindary
If in the life that we flied through,
We would just take the time to see
His graceful face was waiting to make life
As supernatural as can be.
S l o w d o w n . Look at him. Let go. And breathe.

I wrote this in bed one night. So often, we get caught up in our own little words and forget to notice Jesus. Time is flying by, but if we focus on him, he definately slows our worlds down and he gives us a fresher and better perspective of life. He adds relief when we are all stressed out; we don’t have to depend on ourselves so much because we learn to depend on him. He’s great. Just stop and pay attention.

The Healing Process, *Poem- Wilted Flower

A poem I wrote, just about healing, despite the pain of Lacey. I felt like crap, but I’m starting to heal.
I love writing poetry about healing.

Wilted Flower

Have you ever felt like a flower
Wilting and rotting
No nutrients in your soul
To help you grow
Where is the sunlight?
Sitting in darkness
Being crushed beneath the weight
But no one knows

But then there is the sound of rain
Pat, pat, patting on my head
And I feel so strong
Though I felt so dead
Broken heart and broken dreams
But I’ve learned to fly, despite broken wings
But I’ve learned to fight, despite growing weak
I’ve learned to smile, despite being taught to weep
In my dreams, I have a home somewhere
Somewhere in the garden, with the other beautiful flowers
No need to feel like a coward
And hide; I know I belong this time

I know I belong this time

Just reflecting on my healing process. Read post below this to find out more. God bless you all. xxx Jennifer Clayton

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