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New Dean Guitar, Info on Purity Ring

New Song for Jesus!!

So! I finally got my electric guitar. I got a job at Chick-fil-A, mainly for this reason. I wanted to buy myself an electric guitar- it’s been my dream to play it and sing and write music. The guitar, with an amp, cost $426. I wanted my guitar because I wanted to write music for Jesus. I already have a keyboard and an accoustic guitar. Now I have an electric.

I’ve written God about 4 songs- 2 on keyboard, 1 on accoustic, and I’m working on one on elecetric. I already really love the song. I know God called me to spread the Gospel through music- so that’s what I plan to do. 🙂 I feel like I work so hard to please him. Even with school and work, I’m trying to make a lot of time for him. Anyway, I guess I’ll post the lyrics I have so far:

They told me my cuts were earned
My bruises mine alone, clearly deserved
I collapsed under the weight of it all
No strength to hold on, to avoid the fall
On the ground, I gasped for breath
But everyone one hurt more than the rest
Under the moon
Burning and sore
I gave up myself,
Told God I’d trust him more
And in the cold of the night
His voice soothed my fears
He held my hand
As he watched my tears

Noone pays attention to the girl covered in scars
But that night, I saw a shining star
And I felt all the hope in His eyes
Teling me not to believe their lies
Floating in peace
Touched my bruised skin
To heal me

My pen to paper could not take away the pain
I would always vent in vain
Try to take away all thoughts disturbed
He told me there’s no need to trust
The hollow words
The peace I seeked through poetry
Never existed
And he let me see
That he’s the peace in me
I’ll never wake up
From sleeping in his arms tonight
To the nightmare of this world
Very much alive

Noone pays attention to the girl covered in scars
But that night, I saw a shining star
And I felt all the hope in His eyes
Teling me not to believe their lies
Floating in peace
Touched my bruised skin
To heal me

Broken hearts and broken dreams
Ripped away a part of me
The need to write, the need to bleed
But he patches the broken wings
A need to burn
A need to hurt
And scarring from their brutal words
But through their sreaming, all I heard
Was him telling me I’m free
That he loves me

Haven’t thought of a name yet. But it’s just about when Christ saved me; before he did, the world and all the crap that happened with friendships and family wrecked my heart. Everyone made me feel like I needed to hide and try to be “perfect”; I never seemed to belong. But him saving me rescued me from that humiliating existance. 🙂 That’s why he’s so amazing!

Info on Purity Ring
So in June, about 4 days after my birthday, I bought myself a purity ring. It’s been about three months since I bought it. I told myself I would reward myself for wearing it, and I decided to reward myself about every three months of wearing it. June, July, August, Semptember… it’s about time to reward myself. 🙂

I reward myself to encourage me to continue wearing it and to not give up. As of so far, I have not really struggled with it. I don’t think about it much; I look at it and I’m happy to wear it. I’m not tempted to have sex yet. In fact, I was talking to a friend of mine who said she had two purity rings before she was married. She said she could give me one of them. She inspires me because she didn’t quite wait ’til she was married, though she tried. However, she came very close; the first person she slept with was her fiance, who she is still married to.

There is a big difference between sleeping with 7 people before you get married, and sleeping with only one; the one you end up marrying. So wearing the ring will still help. In this sex-crazed world, some girls want to give up their virginity so fast. But they are so precious and so is their virginity; any guy worth time is willing to wait. That shows that he respects you and loves you. I feel so beautiful wearing my ring, I thank God for it. I feel innocent and pure.

You don’t even have to be a virgin to wear one. If you already had sex but decide that you changed your mine and you want to save it for your husband, you can wear one. You can mess up bad and still wear one, because you are still valuable regardless of what you have done. It’s truly about what you decide to do. Jesus knows you are valuable no matter what you have done or who you have slept with. He will accept you just the way you are. He is always forgiving. 🙂

I encourge all girls to get one, and I encourage guys to respect their women and try to wait for them. They will really appreciate it. Heck- even guys can wear them! I’m not quite sure how I’ll reward myself- go out somewhere, buy something I want, I don’t know. But I’m praying God will keep me pure and faithful to my promise to wait. I’m trying to love Jesus by waiting because he loves me. I want to do something sweet and heartfelt for him.

Wearing one will really make you feel beautiful and worth something. Good luck, everyone!! You’re all truly special. 🙂