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*Poetry Corner- Standing Still

Everybody flies through life
Here and there, given a challenge or suprise
One day we’re kids, hanging with friends
On the playground
Next thing we know, we’re off on our way,
College bound
And then we’re paying bills, on our own,
Working all year round
Thinking back and wishing for simpler times
When our only responsibility was to clean
Our room
And to get good grades
And now, those memories are far away
Like some faded dream
We wake up to having families
And places to go, a world to see
Next thing you know, our own kids are grown
Moving out, time for them to go
And all we can do is cry, wave goodbye
We think about love ones passing away
Knowing we’re getting up in age
Then we’re in the hospital, old and sick
Thinking about the legacy we’ll leave
But we’re the very last to realize
It’s the last day we’ll ever breathe
And all this time, we’ve flown through life
From little kids to old and ill
Wasting every opportunity to realize
That the whole time,
Jesus was standing still
Waiting to make life more than
Struggling for a pay check
From week to week
Waiting to take away our stress
And give us relief
He waited for our attention,
So he could slow our worlds down
And let us enjoy all the precious moments
The ones we forgot all about
He was waiting to make life
Go from oridnary to extra-orindary
If in the life that we flied through,
We would just take the time to see
His graceful face was waiting to make life
As supernatural as can be.
S l o w d o w n . Look at him. Let go. And breathe.

I wrote this in bed one night. So often, we get caught up in our own little words and forget to notice Jesus. Time is flying by, but if we focus on him, he definately slows our worlds down and he gives us a fresher and better perspective of life. He adds relief when we are all stressed out; we don’t have to depend on ourselves so much because we learn to depend on him. He’s great. Just stop and pay attention.