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On Excellence part 6

At Chick-fil-A, we have something called the ‘core 4’, which is the way we approach and take care of each customer. They are enthusiastic tone, enthusiastic smile, emotional connection, and eye contact. We are expected to connect emotionally to people, make them feel important and wanted, even when they are having a bad day or something bad is going on in their world. We have to overcome their obstacles and still reach them.

This is a message that Jesus has for the world! When others are struggling, we are supposed to tell them about the strength in Christ and how he looks after them if they would just trust him. I live every day like this. There is always something awful happening in my world, and all I can do is learn to trust Jesus. I find a sense of calmness in the chaos of this world by doing so. I am certain that He guides me where I need to go. He will guide everyone where they need to go. He overcomes our obstacles to take care of us.

At work, we get fussed at if we don’t do things right; if we mess up orders or don’t pay attention to customers. Even managers get fussed at by the boss, because they have to still continue to improve. We are constantly told to take better care of the customers, and we should constantly strive to take care of our brothers and sisters in Christ, and also those not yet in Christ.

We have to buckle down and get into the word, and see how Jesus lived. We have to shape our hearts until our character reflects his better. Then we have to continue to shape it until it goes from better, to the best it possibly can be. And then it still needs to be better (you thought you were done, didn’t you?). But in fact, we are never ‘good enough’; as in we have to improve to be like Christ all our lives and never stop trying to improve, because we cannot be perfect, so there is always room from improvement. Even the best Christians have room for improvement.

Managers that have worked at Chick-fil-A for years are not perfect and continue to improve. We have to encourage one another to spend time in prayer and in the word and with fellow Christians, so we can grow in Christ. Each day we should find a way to walk and be a little closer to Jesus.