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*Poetry Corner- “Shoot for the Moon”

Shoot for the Moon

I shoot for the moon
Working long and hard
Though I have failed to reach it,
It never breaks my heart
Because I shoot for the moon
And always land on stars

I strive for excellence, perfection
Going for the gold
Why am I prevented from achieving it?
My scarred, imperfect human soul
I aim to get closer and closer to it
Constantly and consistently improving, bit by bit

In achieving all my dreams,
In everything I do
Lord, you are my standard
I always look to you
Because you shoot for the moon
And always make it that far
I will shoot for your moon
And always land on your stars
When I aim, I’m never so far aff
That I fall so far down
That I make it all the way
Back to the cold, lifeless ground

Because for you, I aim for excellence
Working long and hard
I cannot reach the moon like you
My sins keep us distant, far apart
But I’m pulled closer and made stronger
By knowing your heart
So when I shoot for the moon,
At least I always land on stars

-Jennifer Clayton

I wrote this poem because I work hard to tell people about Christ, and to improve as a Christian on the daily basis. It says that I strive for perfection in the things I do, but I never quite reach it; only Jesus can do that. I strive to not sin, but of course, I will sin; I strive to be faithful, but of course, I fall short.

It is the nature of who we are: fallen, broken, imperfect. And that is what Christ is for. By accepting him as my Lord and Saviour, asking him to come into my life and lead, trusting him in my heart, he made me flawless through himself. He is perfect, and I am not perfect, but I am made perfect through him. Only through him.

The goals I could not reach on my own, he helped me reach them. The strength I could never muster up on my own, he mustered it up for me. The courage I never had, he gave it to me. The love I never had, he shared his with me. Yes, the list goes on and on. He shoots for the moon and always lands on it. I shoot for the moon, fall short, but that is okay.

He forgives me for not being good enough, for falling short sooooo very often! Whenever I stumble, I am caught in his grace. His mercy is why it is okay for us not to be perfect. By dying on the cross and rising up 3 days later, he paid for our sins, all of our various imperfections. So I know it is okay to be imperfect, so long as I have in my heart. 😀 He is perfect where we can’t be, so we learn to depend on him. It truly is okay.

Poetry Corner!! ‘Not Afraid’, ‘Mother Mary’

Not Afraid

In some place,
I played the victim
For the very last time
Yesterday, all I did was hide and cry
Afraid of the pain of today
Of a cruel world overwhelming with hate
Resistant to facing my fate
Underneath the weight of this world

Underneath a bloody sky
All I ever did was hide
And run around, far away from strangers
Deranged and
I finally settled down
Said a prayer
What do you know,
Now I understand all the anger I see
Building up inside buildings,
Behind walls, families
Worried, afraid, abused, uneasy

But it’s all because of Jesus
I can walk around in dangerous streets
And someone threaten to beat me up
And I’m not scared of a dang thing
I will stand, not afraid
I won’t flinch or run away
I’ve spent all my life running from the battle
Now I’m on the battle ground
Standing up for the savior I believe in
Standing up for the love I’ve found
I fell in love with Jesus
The day I realized
He died for me on the cross
I fell so far in love
That my poetic voice
Was simply at a loss
For words
Something so unheard of

Jesus loves me
The shepherd of the damned
It’s all because of Jesus
I’m not afraid of the world
I frickin’ embrace who I am

Mother Mary

Mother Mary
Look into the
Eyes of your baby
And in your own heart,
What do you see?

Mother Mary
Spend a day with me
Walk with me
And tell me
Your story

Your son, just a babe
Three wise men followed stars one day
To praise his holy name
Offering gifts
Even they recognize
Something special in his eyes
And you are with him all the time

So Mother Mary
Tell me your story
About the new found glory
Tell me,
How do you react to possessing everything?
Wrapped in the eternal blessing
As your bundle of joy is wrapped up
In your arms
Soft and warm
Calling for you
How do you feel, what do you say,
What do you do
Breath taken away
Day to day
Embrace the name
Of King Jesus

Mother Mary
Beautiful inside
Let me just take a look
Into your eyes
Soak up the miracle
Soak up the love I see
I’ll spend the day with you
You’ll spend the day with me
Telling me what it’s like to be
Mother Mary

Both poems copyright Jennifer Clayton. 🙂

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*Poetry Corner- The Bride of Christ

I want to build up a church
Foundation of Jesus Christ
Growing in strength and size
Through the faithful hearts
Of his saints
I want a church that makes
The name of Jesus famous
One life at a time
The name that matters most
Certainly isn’t mine
I want a church built up on strong faith,
Growing through deliberate action
A church that takes risks in the
Name of Jesus
A church that burns out
The evil flame in Satan’s heart
I want to build a church
That makes larger the kindgom of heaven
And pushes the gates of hell
Closed forever
A church that stands up in the storm
Remaining beautiful and warm
Despite the troubles of the world
A church desperate for the truth of Christ
As his heart makes the word come alive
I want the church
To appear as his flawless, beautiful bride
I want a church
That stands firm in a world of distress
A church where Jesus becomes greater
As we become less
I want to build up the very love of Jesus Christ
To make much larger his glorious, beautiful bride

I love the church. She means everything to Jesus, she means everything to me. The church is the collective people of Christ- all of his faithful Christians. It matters to me that more people are added to their number, and that she appears flawless and perfect before Jesus. The world should also notice her captivating beauty. As a Christian, it is my job to help do just that. It’s every Christian’s job to help do just that.

Focusing on Christ to put Your World Together

I go to Anderson University, and it’s a Christian based school. So every wednesday, we have to go to this thing called Chapel, and it’s basically a church service that lasts an hour. I looove AU. A million freakin’ times better than high school, everyone is so sweet and loving. But anyway, I was at Chapel one day, and there was a someone preaching, telling this story. The story seemed so random until I realized what it was about. I will tell it here, because it is so moving and beautiful. Here it goes:

“There was a family made up of a mommy, daddy, and a little boy. Now, the dad would go to work early in the morning and get home at 5 in the evening. But the little boy was always so excited to see his dad, he would ask his mom about when daddy comes home. At 10:00 in the morning, the boy went to his mom and said, “when is daddy coming home? I want to play with him so much! Is he almost home?” The mom replied
“Sorry, it will be awhile before he gets home. He’ll be here before you know it.” So the kid waits an hour and at 11:00, he asks, “when is daddy coming home? I really wanna see him so we can play now! When is he coming?” His mom replied
“He gets here at 5, he’s not here just yet, honey.” But the little boy was so excited, he couldn’t stand waiting, and so he goes to his mom every hour and asks, and she says the same thing.
So finally, 5:00 p.m. rolls around, and just a little after 5, the dad pulls up in his car. The boy is so excited, when his dad comes in, he asks, “daddy, can we play? I waited all day for you to come home so we could finally play! Now you’re home, what do you wanna play, daddy?” The dad really wanted to play with his son, but he was also tired from work, so he said, “Son, I had a rough day at work. So just give me 5 minutes to relax in this chair and read the newpaper. Then, we can play afterwards.” So the boy said,
“Okay, daddy. 5 minutes, then we can finally play.” So the boy goes away for 5 minutes and comes back. But the dad is so suprised 5 minutes is already up, so he says,
“just give me 5 more minutes then we can really play.” So the boy goes away and about 3 minutes later, he comes out and asks,
“Daddy, I’ve waited 5 minutes. I really, really, really wanna play. Can we play now?” But the dad is looking for just a little more time so he tears out a map of the world from the newspaper, and tears it into pieces. The dad gives it to his son and says,
“Put this map of the world together and when you get done, we can play.” But the dad knows his son doesn’t know where Venezuela or Asia or South America is, he knows he has no clue how to put it back together, but the father is so tired, he’s looking just to buy a little more time. A few minutes later, the boy comes to his dad and shows him the world. He says,
“Dad! I put the world together, just like you asked!” The dad is so suprised, he asks,
“How did you put this together? You don’t know where Venezuela or the Philippines or any of these places are. How did you figure this out?” He responds,
“Well, there was a picture of a man on the back, and once I put him together, the world came together.””


And that’s the story. The moral is the same with Christ: we often say we’ll pay attention to God and do what he says when our worlds come together, but our worlds never come together- there are problems and circumstances in life that are always affected us. But if we focus on the man, Christ, he will help us put our worlds togehter. Then he will shape us, and that will change our worlds. However, it’s very ironic- when I focus on Christ, I often find my world is flipped upside down.

And this is what I learned at Chapel at AU. I know this story is true because my life was that way. My world was falling apart- my heart into pieces, my dreams never being achieved, and life was just so hard. It was hard to deal with my mom who always seemed distant and my family.I wrote poetry alllll the time to vent about how much pain I would feel. My biological dad was never around. I listened to a bunch of dark music because it so easily fit my mood. I depended solely on poetry to get my feelings out to make myself feel better, constantly thinking, “If I could just get it off my chest, I could finally heal and be renewed and get on with life.”

But I would write obsessively and got nowhere. In fact, when I was done writing, I felt worse than when I started.

I found that my feelings were all jumbled up and I had a million thoughts running around at once. I would try to focus on one, and I couldn’t get anything down. And other times, even though there were so many things to think about, I couldn’t think of anything at all. It was very frustrating. The more I tried to put the pieces of my heart back together, the more they dissipated and fell into thousands of pieces. At one point, I thought I was going insane and thought I would probably end up dead in a matter of months if I didn’t get this pain out of my heart, this insanity running around inside me.

I was trying to put my world together, but I couldn’t figure out where the pieces went, like in the story. But after I thought I had no other choice but to trust God, I just gave up and told him I trusted him, and I meant it in my heart. And almost instantaneously, I could feel him picking the pieces of my heart up and putting them back together. He corrected the damage I had done over a course of years in a matter of a few months. And I felt more free than I had literally ever felt in my life. So sweet. I had finally accepted Christ in my heart. So by putting my faith in Christ, my world came back together, not the other way around. It’s never the other way around- trying to put our world together without Christ only causes us to be miserable and constantly frustrated. Nobody wants to go through pain, I didn’t want to, so just trust him to lead you, and I swear he’ll take care of your world for you.

Now I don’t need to write poetry to feel better, even though I do it for fun, now. I just need to spend time with him, be close to him in my heartb and my pain disappears. He carries me on his wings- I never carry myself.

God bless you and good luck. I love you all to no end. 🙂

Poetry- Buried in the Dirt

I’ve been writing a lot of poetry for Jesus. It feels good to write how much I loooove him. =P I’m working on two books for him. One is a poetry book about how he has affected my life. The other is just my life and what makes me confident and the daily revelations I have. It’s supposed to inspire people, especially girls, and things in the bible that uplift my heart.

Well, here is a poem I wrote, for my inspiration book:

Buried in the Dirt

Kick dirt with my shoe
I pick up beautiful pieces of me
I find on the ground
Hidden by dirt
But I kick the dirt
And find the sparkling bits of truth

I cannot lie
My life agonizes every day
Over friendships and romance
And my God, I cannot count how many times
I’ve been hurt and stepped on
People punch, breaking pieces of my heart
And pieces of me get buried in dirt
Where I’m most often afraid
I’ll never find them again

But my savior Jesus takes my hand
And walks with me
Saying “look here and there”
And I’m reluctant to believe him
But when I kick up the dirt,
I see pieces of my heart,
My soul lying in the dirt
Sometimes I’m so afraid nothing will be there
If I look
That I close my eyes and cry
When he tells me where to look
But he kisses my cheek and wipes my tears
Taking my hand
And the shepherd leads one of his lost sheep
Calmly, gently, patiently,
To the spot I’m afraid to glance at
And he kisses my heart
And warms it where it’s cold
And he reaches down in the dirt
And picks up the sparkling piece of me

No, I don’t care what people say
He’s helped me pick up all the broken pieces
Of my heart
And put them together
I used to sit in the dirt alone
Thinking I’ll never be able to put myself
Back together again
Thinking I was eternally lost
But those days are gone

Jesus took my hand and loved my heart
Loved me just for who I am
And gave me enough hope to see
All the pieces of me were
Not lost forever
But simply buried beneath the dirt
That is
The weight of this broken world
© Jennifer Clayton

I hope my books will really affect people. It’s a lot of work, but I think it’s worth it. My mom also writes book. Not Christian books, but like romance/suspense books. Her name is Debra Clayton, you can check her out here.